ARCHIPRODUCTS | 商建筑與設計新聞 建筑與設計新聞盡在Archiproducts,最強大的建筑與設計產品搜索引擎 zh ARCHIPRODUCTS | 商建筑與設計新聞新聞/plank-furnitures-in-the-new-short-film-created-by-lucas-zanotto_82228 Plank Furnitures in the New Short Film Created by Lucas Zanotto Tables and stools from MIURA collection become props in a sequence of playful trick shots<br /><br />20/04/2021 -?PLANK furnitures become props in a sequence of playful trick shots in the new short film created by italian designer, animator and director Lucas Zanotto. Unlike conventional promotional films that present design products in a lifestyle context, the film is shot in a simple studio to focus attention on the furniture’s timeless, iconic forms and functional qualities. Using his signature style of in-camera animation, Zanotto constructs a series of seemingly impossible scenes that will bring a smile to the viewer’s face. ? Produced at a studio in Bolzano, Italy, the film begins with the Helsinki-based designer arranging tables and stools from Konstantin Grcic’s MIURA collection $<a href="新聞/plank-furnitures-in-the-new-short-film-created-by-lucas-zanotto_82228" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 20 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 戶外 家具 項目新聞/kettal-presents-its-new-collection-of-phone-booths_82226 Kettal Presents its New Collection of Phone Booths A silent booth protected by high-performance acoustic absorbers <br /><br />20/04/2021 - Reverberation and background noise are negative factors that affect productivity at work as well as people’s well-being: Kettal welcomes this need and presents its new collection of Phone Booths, thought for large open offices where privacy is hard to come by. ? The Phone Booth design is based on that of the traditional telephone booth. The goal is to be able to communicate without being overheard or disturbing your colleagues, in a comfortable, echo-free workspace. Quick and easy to install.? ? The structure is made of aluminium and panelled with acoustic materials that guarantee good sound and reduce reverberation. All panels are covered with fabric or wood, it has a swing $<a href="新聞/kettal-presents-its-new-collection-of-phone-booths_82226" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 20 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 辦公新聞/hanne-s-small-silver-table-a-new-version-of-finn-juhl-s-iconic-table_82224 Hanne's Small Silver Table: A New Version of Finn Juhl's Iconic Table More compact, suited for apartments or smaller homes <br /><br />20/04/2021 - House of Finn Juhl unveils a new version of the Silver Table from 1948:?Hanne's Small Silver Table, now in a more compact size, suitable for apartments or smaller homes.? ? Since 2014, House of Finn Juhl has been manufacturing Finn Juhl's exclusive Silver Table. The table, which in its original size comes both with and without silver in-lays, is arguably one of Finn Juhl's most famous and extravagant designs.? ? It has been nicknamed the 'Judas Table' because of the 30 sterling silver coins (42 when the table is extended to its full length). The pattern of the in-lays serves the functional purpose of dividing the tabletop in up to 14 seating areas. Additionally, it adds $<a href="新聞/hanne-s-small-silver-table-a-new-version-of-finn-juhl-s-iconic-table_82224" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 20 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/flexibility-and-movement-fabbian-glass-lamps_82223 Flexibility and Movement: Fabbian Glass Lamps Indoor and outdoor collections, customizable and decorative designed for the contract sector<br /><br />20/04/2021 -?Fabbian glass lamps transform light into a dynamic and functional element to solve practical needs, with particular regard to the contract sector. In response to a market with different consumer needs, Fabbian offers a range of products for both indoor and outdoor use. Technical precision combined with high performing LED technology, appreciated by an evolving contract sector, go hand in hand with products that focus more on decorative lighting concepts, as in ‘Tile’ glass wall, a perfect example of timeless beauty. A fully customizable lighting solution than – together with the customisation of technical lighting fixtures – can meet an increased demand for custom solution and market $<a href="新聞/flexibility-and-movement-fabbian-glass-lamps_82223" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 20 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/the-new-outdoor-floor-designed-by-marc-sadler-for-listone-giordano_82210 The New Outdoor Floor Designed by Marc Sadler for Listone Giordano Decking Cross Fingers combines the warmth of wood with a new fixing system<br /><br />20/04/2021 -?Listone Giordano presents the new Decking Cross Fingers?outdoor floor designed by Marc Sadler, perfectly combines the warmth of wood with a revolutionary fixing system that enhances its power even more. ? In the realization of the Decking Cross Fingers outdoor flooring, Listone Giordano relied on a deep knowledge of wood and industrial design, giving life to an original creation that is further enhanced by a 'comb' fixing system of the planks, capable of revolutionizing the appearance and shape of the joints. This patented system is able to anchor the wooden planks to the technological aluminum substructure, avoiding the use of visible screws and ensuring a high aesthetic appeal. ? Combining $<a href="新聞/the-new-outdoor-floor-designed-by-marc-sadler-for-listone-giordano_82210" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 20 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/the-new-texture-by-ariostea-is-inspired-by-a-turkish-marble_82225 The New Texture by Ariostea is Inspired by a Turkish Marble Shifting shades of grey, irregular cloudy effects and subtle cream woven effects: Tundra Grey surface for the ULTRA Marmi range <br /><br />20/04/2021 - Tundra Grey?, the new texture in the ULTRA Marmi range by Ariostea, is inspired by a marble from Turkey, boasting an elegant surface with shifting shades of grey, irregular cloudy effects and subtle cream woven effects. Available in a number of sizes ranging from 300x150 cm to 75x37.5 cm, and in the finishes Lucidato Shiny?, ?Levigato Silk? and a ?Soft? variant, ?Tundra Grey? is a rigorous, classy solution, with a natural sophistication that makes it ideal for bringing warmth and elegance to any setting. Suitable for both residential and commercial environments, Tundra Grey is also widely used for ventilated facades, furnishing elements and accessories. The large ULTRA slabs, $<a href="新聞/the-new-texture-by-ariostea-is-inspired-by-a-turkish-marble_82225" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 20 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani)新聞/ambientec-presents-the-new-turn-portable-lamp_82196 Ambientec Presents the New TURN+ Portable Lamp A contemporary lantern in glass and metal to always carry with you: the project designed by Nao Tamura<br /><br />19/04/2021 - Japanese brand Ambientec presents TURN+, a contemporary portable lamp by Nao Tamura. Essential forms meet advanced and ultra-reliable technology for a new conception of the accent lamp, something to carry with you from room to room. “Light is a powerful symbol of vitality and hope, and TURN+ is intended to be a light that you keep close by, to keep you company through all the moods and moments of your life. A lamp that you light by gently touching it is one that can create a strong sensory and emotional bond,” explains designer Nao Tamura. ? Nao Tamura, who previously designed the portable work and desk lamp TURN for Ambientec, was inspired by natural light and the gentle, $<a href="新聞/ambientec-presents-the-new-turn-portable-lamp_82196" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 19 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/ara-chair-by-pedrali-turns-10_82200 Ara Chair by Pedrali Turns 10 Simple and versatile, Jorge Pensi's project is characterized by a handle placed at the end of the backrest<br /><br />19/04/2021 - Pedrali celebrates the tenth anniversary of Ara chair designed by Jorge Pensi. A seating made in polypropylene featuring an aesthetic, well-balanced language, that becomes so unique thanks to the peculiar handle placed at the end of the backrest. ? A successfull collection that came to life spontaneously, almost naturally, while sitting at the table of an airport bar, as Jorge Pensi remembers: “in 2011 I went with Diego, a collaborator of mine, to the showroom of Pedrali to discuss a new project with Giuseppe. The briefing was about a chair made from a polypropylene monoblock, with and without armrests. Once we arrived at the airport on our way home to Barcellona, we found out $<a href="新聞/ara-chair-by-pedrali-turns-10_82200" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 19 Apr 2021 05:30:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 戶外 家具 項目 飾品 辦公新聞/inside-by-eugeni-quitllet-the-new-line-of-bathroom-accessories-for-cosmic_82199 Inside by Eugeni Quitllet: The New Line of Bathroom Accessories for COSMIC Three pieces essential for bathrooms: soap dispenser, toothbrus holder and toilet brush<br /><br />19/04/2021 - Eugeni Quitllet created INSIDE, a new line of bathroom accessories designed for COSMIC.? ? The new INSIDE accessories collection consists of three unique pieces that are essential for bathrooms: soap dispenser, toothbrus holder and toilet brush. COSMIC has counted on the originality of one of the designer of the moment: an ultra-minimalist design by Eugeni Quitllet. In this way, INSIDE makes author’s design accessible to the general public. Soap Dispenser? ? If you want a bathroom dispenser for your countertop that is different from everything you have seen so far, this is your option. It is a dispenser with an ultra-minimalist aesthetic. It is available in five colors, $<a href="新聞/inside-by-eugeni-quitllet-the-new-line-of-bathroom-accessories-for-cosmic_82199" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 19 Apr 2021 04:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 衛浴新聞/vibieffe-is-partner-of-green-pea_82205 Vibieffe is Partner of Green Pea The first Green Retail Park dedicated to the theme of sustanibility hosts the Vibieffe living collections<br /><br />19/04/2021 - Vibieffe is partner of Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park dedicated to the theme of sustanibility products founded by Oscar Farinetti. Vibieffe? presents in the Home area the living collections, introduced by a manifesto of sharing and adherence to the Green Pea project. ? Green Pea is a new challenge for Vibieffe, a new opportunity to present itself to the public more and more aware of the sustainability issue and with an eye to the future: Green Pea is the first Green Retail Park in the world dedicated to the theme of Respect, at Lingotto, 15,000 M2 in which to discover sustainable products that respect the earth, air, water and people. ? The Vibieffe booth is divided $<a href="新聞/vibieffe-is-partner-of-green-pea_82205" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 19 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/creating-the-perfect-home-bar-with-koket_82194 Creating the Perfect Home-Bar with Koket Bar cabinet, tables, stools and lamps: everything you need to take a break at home<br /><br />19/04/2021 - Staying home for cocktails? KOKET has everything you need to create a home bar with high design status. While a full built-in bar is great, if this is not what you are looking for then a luxurious bar cabinet is a perfect choice. Next add bar stools, perhaps a bar table, some glamorous lighting and beautiful bar ware and your home bar will be the place to be! Temptation Bar Cabinet Enticing admirers with its exotic feather doors and sexy curved lacquered legs, the Temptation Bar Cabinet will steal cocktail hour. Open or closed with its flirty tassel pulls exposed, this bar cabinet is ready for a party or a romantic night in. ? Spellbound Bar Cabinet There is a sense $<a href="新聞/creating-the-perfect-home-bar-with-koket_82194" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 19 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 燈光 家具 項目新聞/ascent-series-wins-red-dot-award-2021_82193 Ascent Series Wins Red Dot Award 2021 The sustainable and modular beam seating systems for public spaces designed by Green Furniture Concept<br /><br />19/04/2021 - Green Furniture Concept received the Red Dot Award?for the sustainable and modular beam seating systems for public spaces: the?Ascent series.? The future of beam seaters is placemaking, and modular that invites interaction: “The idea for our new Ascent Series was born out of discussions and workshops with architects on the topic of how the future public space will look like. The public space has changed drastically in design and technology, but somehow the furniture still looks the same as it did in the 50s—straight rows of seating with no added value than a place to sit. We wanted to challenge that and create something playful and functional that welcomes the user to interact”, $<a href="新聞/ascent-series-wins-red-dot-award-2021_82193" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 19 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 項目新聞/cedit-a-story-in-images_82176 CEDIT: A Story in Images A new corporate video that reveals the identity and values ??of the Florim Group brand <br /><br />19/04/2021 -?CEDIT unveils a new corporate video, a story in images that reveals the identity and values ??of the Florim Group brand through five nouns: Culture, Ethics, Design, Identity, Talent.? Culture meaning knowledge, Ethics in the sense of environmental and social responsibility, Design standing for investment in research to generate beauty, Identity embodying a timeless history, and Talent as expression of Made in Italy. CEDIT portrays itself through its five founding principles, in line with the philosophy of Florim, a historic company that has been continuing its aesthetic and technological research for almost 60 years for the creation of ceramic surfaces and coverings. CEDIT’s $<a href="新聞/cedit-a-story-in-images_82176" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 19 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/ada-2021-a-black-marble-monolith-is-the-trophy-for-winning-designers_82165 ADA 2021: A Black Marble Monolith is the Trophy for Winning Designers The sculptural prize for the designers of the winning products is produced by Salvatori and designed by Michael Anastassiades<br /><br />16/04/2021 - The designers of the winning products of the Archiproducts Design Awards?2021 will receive a monolith in black Marquina marble designed by Michael Anastassiades and produced by Salvatori, confirming the company's partnership with the ADAs for the second year running. Introduced during the 2020 edition, the icon-object tribute to designers is confirmed for this year's new edition. The project is the same - a marble monolith inspired by the award's logo, but in new total black. The sculptural object conceived by the Cypriot designer and carved from Salvatori stone is stripped of the whiteness of Carrara marble to make way for bold Nero Marquina, a deep black stone crossed by $<a href="新聞/ada-2021-a-black-marble-monolith-is-the-trophy-for-winning-designers_82165" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 16 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/the-return-of-an-icon-cassina-reissues-the-project-designed-by-tobia-scarpa-in-1969_82171 The Return of an Icon: Cassina Reissues the Project Designed by Tobia Scarpa in 1969 Soriana sofa and armchair are revived in new combinations of colors and eco-sustainable materials<br /><br />16/04/2021 -?Cassina reissues the Soriana sofa and armchair designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa in 1969. With the aim of recovering and safeguarding the works of Tobia Scarpa, Cassina brings?back from its archives this collectors’ icon and reboots it by employing environmentally friendly materials and new combinations of colors. ? A true style icon, Soriana awarded a Compasso d’Oro prize in 1970. Defined by its abundant curves, Soriana is wrapped with generous upholstery that is fixed with a giant metal brace to form relaxed creases around its entire body. The piece’s aesthetics are further enriched by a quilted effect created with upholstered buttons, both on the seat and backrest cushions. ? Cassina $<a href="新聞/the-return-of-an-icon-cassina-reissues-the-project-designed-by-tobia-scarpa-in-1969_82171" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 16 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/vibia-structural-wall-lamp-illuminates-an-house-in-tel-aviv_82174 Vibia Structural Wall Lamp Illuminates an House in Tel Aviv A bright and minimal space with a soothing mood: the project designed by Tal Goldsmith Fish<br /><br />16/04/2021 - Vibia Structural Wall Lamp illuminates House of Tranquility, a contemporary residence located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The 400-square-meter, multilevel space designed by Tal Goldsmith Fish exudes a meditative feeling, one inspired by the owners’ “calm and reflective nature,” as she explains it. To create this soothing mood, Fish employed a light, monochromatic color palette, natural materials, and clean lines. The space is open and bright, featuring simple geometric patterns and minimalist décor, including the lighting. ? In the stairwell, Fish placed several Structural wall lamps by Arik Levy—a pair between the lower level and main floor, and another pair leading to the top $<a href="新聞/vibia-structural-wall-lamp-illuminates-an-house-in-tel-aviv_82174" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 16 Apr 2021 05:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 燈光新聞/the-new-brokis-lamp-designed-by-lucie-koldova_82178 The New Brokis Lamp Designed by Lucie Koldova Light tubes in opal glass: the Puro collection expands with the new floor version<br /><br />16/04/2021 -?Puro Floor is the latest addition to the Puro family by Brokis, expanding an already extensive range of interior lighting possibilities.? The Puro family is a boldly minimalistic variation on atmospheric pendent lights.? Puro Floor is available in two sizes in matte opal or smoke grey glass, and the light tubes can be combined in different colours.? With their elegant minimalist lines and the option of combining tubes of different colours, Puro Floor represent an intriguing lighting element for residential projects, grandiose shopping spaces, and hotels and restaurants.? ? Puro is a boldly minimalistic variation on atmospheric pendant lights.? Inspiration for the collection $<a href="新聞/the-new-brokis-lamp-designed-by-lucie-koldova_82178" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 16 Apr 2021 04:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 燈光新聞/mcart-a-mobile-workstation-for-home-or-open-office_82172 MCart, a Mobile Workstation for Home or Open Office Rethinking work space with Echojazz sustainable products<br /><br />16/04/2021 - Rethinking work space with MCart. MCart?designed by?xchange design for?Echojazz is a mobile workstation for the home or open office: an acoustic protected focus room and the user always decides on how to work together in the open office. ? The MCart adapts to changing needs in the room. Thanks to its mobility, new work situations become possible in the same place. Creative working groups, focused privacy or simply creating space. The user decides at any time how to design his or her workplace. In the Home or Open Office. ? The starting point for the design is an open steel frame. Echojazz acoustic panels define the semi-enclosed workspace for optimal soundproofing and $<a href="新聞/mcart-a-mobile-workstation-for-home-or-open-office_82172" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 16 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 辦公 家具新聞/ton-with-kaschkasch-to-introduce-the-new-p-o-v-collection_82147 TON with Kaschkasch to Introduce the New P.O.V. Collection P.O.V., or Point of View, the table whose appearance differs depending on the angle of the view<br /><br />15/04/2021 - TON presents the new P.O.V., the collection of tables that states the new collaboration of the Czech brand with the?German design duo kaschkasch.? “The collection is defined primarily by the material used in its construction and by the shape of the table base. Made by joining three identical bent plywood forms, the base is the defining feature of the entire collection. The name P.O.V., or Point of View, derives from the fact that the look of the table differs depending on the angle of the view. It also symbolises the approach we use in our studio – as a design duo we need to understand each other’s point of view in order to reach the best possible solution. The same principle $<a href="新聞/ton-with-kaschkasch-to-introduce-the-new-p-o-v-collection_82147" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 15 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 家具 項目新聞/take-your-time-the-new-poltrona-frau-furnishings_82135 'Take Your Time': the New Poltrona Frau Furnishings The 2021 collection is a multisensory experience that involves sight, smell and touch for a new way of living the domestic space<br /><br />15/04/2021 -?Sight, Smell, Touch. The 2021 Poltrona Frau furnishings 'Take Your Time' is a multisensory experience that focuses on these three senses. The view is involved through the aesthetics of the different materials combined with each other: seats, tables and desks, containers, beds and dividers combine the classic Pelle Frau? elements in wood, fabric or marble. The new Smart Home Diffusers and wool accessories made in collaboration with Acqua di Parma and Loro Piana Interiors play with the sensoriality of smell and touch.? The pandemic has forced us to change many of our habits but has also been a chance to embrace new routines and lifestyles: the versatility of spaces and furnishings $<a href="新聞/take-your-time-the-new-poltrona-frau-furnishings_82135" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 15 Apr 2021 06:30:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/dornbracht-and-alape-for-the-laurichhof-design-hotel_82173 Dornbracht and Alape for the Laurichhof Design Hotel One design hotel - 27 design ideas<br /><br />15/04/2021 - The design hotel Laurichhof in Pirna near Dresden, Germany, is not a classic design hotel with a uniform style that has been thoroughly developed in all areas. The hotel, which opened in August 2019, rather combines a variety of creative interior design ideas in its 27 suites, each of which could serve as the basis for completely independent hotels. ? Various design ideas are consistently implemented in the suites as well as the associated bathrooms. Based on the themes, the designers Annette Katrin Seidel and her son Franz Philip Seidel from Seidel+Architekten, chose numerous products from the German manufacturers Dornbracht and Alape. ? The unusual project also convinced $<a href="新聞/dornbracht-and-alape-for-the-laurichhof-design-hotel_82173" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 15 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Hannah Freund) 衛浴新聞/oluce-presents-the-new-mini-coupe_82146 Oluce Presents the New Mini Coupé The iconic Coupé lamp designed by Joe Colombo in 1967 renewed in size and color range<br /><br />15/04/2021 - Oluce presents Mini Coupé, the new version of the iconic lamp designed by Joe Colombo. Renewed in size and color range, Coupé is one of the most famous and admired iconic lighting in the world. Coupé originated in 1967 from the creative intuition of Joe Colombo, who initially designed it as a variation on a lamp already in the company’s collection, the Spider, retaining its base and stem. Starting from these bold, simple features - the base, the stem and the adjustable cover serving as a shade – the designer created one of Oluce's best-known families.? ? This year, having offered the Coupé in a variety of different models and finishes over the years, Oluce is expanding the $<a href="新聞/oluce-presents-the-new-mini-coupe_82146" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 15 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 燈光新聞/flos-presents-the-new-2021-lamp-collection_82138 Flos Presents the New 2021 Lamp Collection During the Milano Design City, the Corso Monforte stores host two special set ups dedicated to decorative, outdoor and technical products<br /><br />15/04/2021?- On the occasion of Milano Design City Flos presents the new 2021 lamps collection, created in collaboration with the designers Formafantasma, Barber & Osgerby, Michael Anastassiades, Marcel Wanders, Jasper Morrison, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Piero Lissoni, Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio and Patricia Urquiola. From 12 to 23 April the historic flagship store and the Flos Professional Space in Corso Monforte will host two special installations dedicated to the Flos Decorative and Flos Outdoor collections. ? At its flagship store in Milan, Flos will present the new Decorative products for Spring 2021 as featured in Issue 3 of the Flos Stories – the biannual release from Flos $<a href="新聞/flos-presents-the-new-2021-lamp-collection_82138" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 15 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 燈光新聞/a-futuristic-alucobond-metal-facade-for-the-montmorency-elementary-school_82131 A Futuristic Alucobond Metal Fa?ade For The Montmorency Elementary School Design Crew for Architecture combines aluminum and green in a harmonious overall project<br /><br />14/04/2021 - On the edge of one of the largest wooded areas in the northern Paris metropolitan area lies the Montmorency Elementary School. In 2017, the old building from the 1960s was renovated by the Design Crew for Architecture (DCA). For the design of the fa?ade, lead architects Nicolas Chausson, Jiaoyang Huang chose futuristic metal triangles made of ALUCOBOND? PLUS naturAL Brushed and solid White 16. ? Hidden away in the sloping, green landscape, it is easy to overlook the functionalist, constructivist buildings of the the Montmorency Elementary School. One reason, perhaps, why they had fallen into disrepair prior to renovation.? ? The architects of DCA completely refurbished $<a href="新聞/a-futuristic-alucobond-metal-facade-for-the-montmorency-elementary-school_82131" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Hannah Freund) 建材新聞/elena-salmistraro-designed-the-new-cappellini-showroom-in-milan_82125 Elena Salmistraro Designed the New Cappellini Showroom in Milan From April 12 to 23, the exhibition space in Via Santa Cecilia hosts Amor Fati, an imaginative and hyper-decorative account of the brand's creative universe<br /><br />14/04/2021 - Elena Salmistraro's dreamlike and hyper-decorative imagery accompany the new Cappellini collection, on display in Milan from 12 to 23 April in an exhibit entitled Amor Fati. Between visual layers and avant-garde dichotomies, the Via Santa Cecilia showroom is transformed into an image-filled wunderkammer. The panels crafted by the designer reinterpret Cappellini's creative universe, while the space comes alive with iconic pieces and new projects by Jasper Morrison, Cyril Dundera & Matej Jansky, Francesco Forcellini and Giulio Cappellini. Elena Salmistraro began with the idea of 'Love of Fate' - an archaic concept of accepting destiny close to Stoic and Nietzschean thought $<a href="新聞/elena-salmistraro-designed-the-new-cappellini-showroom-in-milan_82125" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 家具 辦公 燈光 項目 飾品新聞/the-noonu-sofa-system-by-antonio-citterio-for-b-b-italia_82115 The Noonu Sofa System by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia Inspired by the atoll of the Maldives, the new collection creates an archipelago of elements with the previous proposals<br /><br />14/04/2021 -&nbsp;Antonio Citterio has designed for B&B Italia the new Noonu sofa system. The concept and the name are inspired by the atoll of the Maldives. The Noonu collection works in harmony with B&B Italia’s previous collections, with the aim of creating an archipelago of options where the individual element does its part in telling a cohesive story. “The theme of islands started back in the mid-‘80s,” says architect Antonio Citterio, “when we invented a selection of new types with the Sity line. We started referring to sofas with ‘peninsulas’ and ‘islands’, but that sort of terminology was, at the time, somewhat unusual. Nowadays, they’re part of our everyday vocabulary”. ? Today, $<a href="新聞/the-noonu-sofa-system-by-antonio-citterio-for-b-b-italia_82115" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 家具 項目新聞/gallotti-radice-new-collection-on-show-in-milan_82111 Gallotti&Radice New Collection on Show in Milan Glass, ebony, stone, burnished metal and fabric: materic and chromatic combinations inspired by the female world<br /><br />14/04/2021 - Gallotti&amp;Radice presents the new living furniture designed by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, Dainelli Studio, Massimo Castagna, Studio Pepe, Federica Biasi and Pietro Russo. The 2021 collection of tables, upholstered seats and lamps defines a new set up of the Milanese showroom presented these days during the Milan Design City and created in partnership with Salvioni Design Solutions. In the new furnishings, glass is combined with other materials such as ebony, stone and burnished metal, giving life to material and chromatic combinations inspired by the female world and the natural sphere. ? For the dining area are Oscar and Gabriele Buratti have designed the new Shiro table $<a href="新聞/gallotti-radice-new-collection-on-show-in-milan_82111" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 家具 燈光 項目新聞/cristina-rubinetterie-presents-the-new-foil-single-lever_82124 CRISTINA Rubinetterie Presents the New FOIL Single-Lever A lamina stretched into air, inspired by the sleek lines of the 1930s Streamline: the project by Marco Pisati<br /><br />14/04/2021 -?CRISTINA Rubinetterie presents the new FOIL single-lever tap designed by Marco Pisati. With FOIL the classic cylindrical tap is re-designed with fluid and dynamic shapes. 'FOIL is a lamina stretched into air, inspired by the sleek and elegant lines of the 1930s Streamline', says Pisati. ? A reinterpretation of the cylindrical tap, the archetype of tapware, reinterpreted and updated with an attentive study on the dynamics of curvature. The FOIL shapes are inspired by the Streamline style typical of the 1930s and by the car bodies of the 1950s and 1960s, when studies on aerodynamics generated soft and elegant silhouettes for cars. The link with the contemporary era comes naturally $<a href="新聞/cristina-rubinetterie-presents-the-new-foil-single-lever_82124" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 05:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/sen-by-fiora-wins-the-red-dot-award-2021_82119 SEN by Fiora Wins the Red Dot Award 2021 The bathroom furniture system designed by Mario Ruiz awarded in the 'Product Design' category<br /><br />14/04/2021- The SEN bathroom furniture system, designed by Mario Ruiz for Fiora, has won the Red Dot Design Award in the 'Product Design' category.? ? SEN is a complete bathroom furniture programme that answers to the needs of all types of bathroom spaces. The collection features a minimal, light metallic structure in counterpoint with closed volumes. As always, texturing has been a key element in SEN design, thanks to a finish designed by Mario Ruiz, with “raised channels and other elements that bring a rich sensory dimension to vanity top surfaces”. SEN is one of Fiora’s most ambitious collections, introducing a large number of references that make this design a creativity tool, since $<a href="新聞/sen-by-fiora-wins-the-red-dot-award-2021_82119" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/luxehome歡迎芝加哥bauteam參加themart_82117 LuxeHome歡迎芝加哥BauTeam參加theMART 精致的精品店現已在芝加哥市中心開張<br /><br />13/04/2021 -?LuxeHome是世界上用于住宅建設和裝修的頂級精品店的最大集合,很高興地宣布,芝加哥BauTeam現已在標志性的Mercantise Mart一樓開業。新設計的BauTeam Chicago精品店將成為公司知名品牌的所在地,包括BT45德國廚房裁縫店,BauLux廚房,BLT浴室和BauCloset。 ? TheMART租賃與營銷總經理Blair Loftspring表示:“ BauTeam在豪華設計,創新技術和卓越品質方面樹立了聲譽。” “我們很高興他們與LuxeHome合作,并期待設計師,建筑師,定制房屋建筑商和房主在非凡的設計中看到他們的愿景和信念。” BauTeam提供從極現代和時尚到傳統舒適廚房的所有內容。此外,該公司還為家庭中的每個房間提供解決方案,包括客廳,圖書館,家庭辦公室,臥室,壁櫥和衣柜,浴室,儲物柜,貨架等。 “我們想在芝加哥住了一段時間,但我們只想在商品市場里逛。因此,當機會打開時,我們馬上就加入了。” BauTeam品牌大使Natasha Shtapauk說道。 “我們公司的座右銘之一是人們的廚房。這意味著每個具有任何設計偏愛和預算的人都可以在家中找到“夢想廚房”。我們的團隊受過訓練,可以與每個人一起工作-了解他們的需求,并為他們提供最好的設計以使他們快樂-我們在這里為您服務。” 精品店設計時刻包括: 芝加哥長城。專為芝加哥設計的Wall Wall在BauTeam創新的BT45設計方法的整個棱鏡中代表了傳統的搖門風格。書架上有一個必看的隱藏欄-頂門可通過遙控器升降。 ? BT45屢獲殊榮的CG廚房。門前部采用天然Nero $<a href="新聞/luxehome歡迎芝加哥bauteam參加themart_82117" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 廚房新聞/moroso-shows-off-rooms-in-its-milan-showroom-on-via-pontaccio_82107 Moroso Shows Off 'Rooms' in its Milan Showroom on Via Pontaccio On the occasion of Milano Design City, the showroom in via Pontaccio presents the 'Casa Moroso', among icons and novelties<br /><br />13/04/2021 - On occasion of Milano Design City, the?Moroso showroom in Via Pontaccio hosts the Stanze project. Curated by Marco Vola, the set up presents five interpretations of the living area. The displays show the 'Moroso house', offering layouts that can be created with the brand's most interesting pieces of furniture, from the new proposals to the iconic collections. 'The ‘stanze’ concept arose from the desire to bring to life different objects from our vast range,' says Patrizia Moroso, the company's Art Director. 'It is a way of doing things that Moroso came up with back in 2003 in order to conceive a catalogue, an idea for a layout, a concrete way of showcasing or evoking an offer of $<a href="新聞/moroso-shows-off-rooms-in-its-milan-showroom-on-via-pontaccio_82107" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 13 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/the-new-gervasoni-collection-on-show-in-milan_81762 The New Gervasoni Collection On Show in Milan The Via Durini 7 Milanese space hosts the 2021 indoor and outdoor novelties designed by Paola Navone, Elena Sanguankeo and Chiara Andreatti<br /><br />13/04/2021 - On the occasion of Milano Design City (12 - 23 April) Gervasoni presents the indoor and outdoor previews of the 2021 collection in the showroom in via Durini 7. Comfort and modularity are at the center of all the proposals.?The collection interprets the home as both a physical and a mental place, a tailored space designed for relaxation, in which hospitality, functionality and style dialogue to create an unbreakable bond. Among the novelties, the modular version of the LOLL sofa and the new variations of the GRAY family, designed by Paola Navone. The?outdoor collection?also features two important new additions: a new outdoor rug collection and the start of collaborations with new $<a href="新聞/the-new-gervasoni-collection-on-show-in-milan_81762" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 13 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT 家具 項目新聞/living-divani-presents-the-new-2021-furniture-collection_81657 Living Divani Presents the New 2021 Furniture Collection The upholstery family designed by Piero Lissoni, the expansion of the Moon project by Mist-o and the new armchair by Marco Lavit<br /><br />13/04/2021 - Formal delicacy, silent elegance and savoir-faire?in the name of a new fluid and welcoming vision of living spaces. Living Divani presents the 2021 Collection.?Among the first previews, the new models of the Sumo upholstery family designed by Piero Lissoni, the expansion of the Moon project by Mist-o with new storage spaces and the Lemni?armchair by Marco Lavit. ? Protagonist of the living room the Sumo family, presented in 2020 and distinguished by the concave seat, is now enriched with a new variant designed to respond to a more classic and rigorous idea of comfort. ? Playing, de-structuring and reassembling are confirmed as ones of the brand's favourite activities: $<a href="新聞/living-divani-presents-the-new-2021-furniture-collection_81657" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 13 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT 家具新聞/the-salvatori-miniature-houses-an-imaginary-and-multicultural-village_82102 The Salvatori Miniature Houses, an Imaginary and Multicultural Village The contemporary living seen through the eyes of internationally designers: The Village project<br /><br />13/04/2021 -?Salvatori presents 'The Village', a? series of miniature houses, capturing the essence of home, interpreted through the eyes of internationally-renowned designers and architects. The project, which makes its debut this Spring, features the work of, among others, Kengo Kuma, Rodolfo Dordoni, John Pawson and Yabu Pushelberg, and will culminate with an exhibition that brings together the entire collection of miniature homes. ? The collection comprises a series of whimsical imaginary houses, each designed to address important and fundamental themes of contemporary living. To bring the concept to life, he personally got in touch with designers and invited them to come up with their $<a href="新聞/the-salvatori-miniature-houses-an-imaginary-and-multicultural-village_82102" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 13 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/flexible-and-customizable-the-new-inda-bathroom-collection_82097 Flexible and Customizable: the New Inda Bathroom Collection With Corretto is possible to compose your system by choosing from the various sizes, finishes and materials<br /><br />13/04/2021 -?Corretto is the new Inda bathroom collection with flexible, essential and customizable design. Corretto is a furniture system that allows great design freedom, down to the smallest detail. In fact, it is possible to compose your Corretto system by choosing from the various sizes proposed and to select different finishes and materials for the fronts and the perimeter of the element, to create interesting contrasts or combinations among the wide range of materials and colors proposed. ? New in the series are the elegant framed doors, which allow you to customize the fronts in all the finishes of porcelain stoneware and HPL, as well as smoked, mirrored, glossy and satin glass $<a href="新聞/flexible-and-customizable-the-new-inda-bathroom-collection_82097" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 13 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/celegon-systems-for-gruppo-molteni-and-gruppo-b-b-italia_82108 Celegon Systems for Gruppo Molteni and Gruppo B&B Italia The Compack Living folding system and the Ergon Living rototranslating system for the collections of tall units and walk-in closets<br /><br />13/04/2021 -&nbsp;Gruppo Molteni and Gruppo B&B Italia have chosen the?innovation of Celegon systems?for their new collections of tall units and walk-in closets:?Compack Living 90° and 180°, the folding hardware system, and?Ergon Living, the roto-translating hardware system. ? Molteni offers the tall unit system Gliss Master – System 7. Thanks to the patented Compack Living opening mechanism, the leaves of the tall unit move to the side of the compartment and make it completely accessible. The system is particularly appreciated for its versatility and ease of use. Backstage by B&B Italia is a project designed by Antonio Citterio. Its elegant and sophisticated design uses the Ergon Living $<a href="新聞/celegon-systems-for-gruppo-molteni-and-gruppo-b-b-italia_82108" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 13 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT Angelo Dell'Olio新聞/relax-on-the-terrace-with-pusku-pusku_82106 Relax on the Terrace with Pusku pusku Colorin bean bags family brings joy to the outdoors<br /><br />13/04/2021 - Relax on terrace: the Colorin bean bags?family designed by Pusku pusku furnishes outdoor spaces with vivacity and comfort. ? Pusku pusku created the collection inspired by the small moments of daily joy: "Modern, soft and comfortable furniture in your terrace is meant to be used and enjoyed. Those joyful moments when you fall into a bean bag and dream a bit, or share your thoughts and stories about the day with your loved ones, are natural forms of happiness in which we can all participate."? Taking a cue by this view, Pusku pusku has selected high-quality fabric and a wide range of colors, which will inspires you to recreate your terrace and get season ready. ? Manufactured $<a href="新聞/relax-on-the-terrace-with-pusku-pusku_82106" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 13 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 戶外 家具新聞/dometic-mobar-wins-the-red-dot-award_82100 Dometic MoBar Wins the Red Dot Award The outdoor mobile bar series awarded in the category Product Design 2021<br /><br />13/04/2021 - The International Red Dot Jury has awarded the Dometic MoBar outdoor mobile bar series the distinction Red Dot Design Award.?? ? The Dometic MoBar is the ultimate mobile bar for entertaining in any outdoor space. Professionally graded with a timeless state-of-the-art patented design, it doesn’t compromise style for functionality or convenience, allowing hosts and their guests to socialize outdoors without ever missing a moment.? “We are thrilled about getting such recognition by respected design professionals. Smart and reliable products with outstanding design is something we strive for and is one of the key components of our business strategy," said Peter Kjellberg, CMO and $<a href="新聞/dometic-mobar-wins-the-red-dot-award_82100" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 13 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 戶外 廚房 家具新聞/fuorisalone-2021-is-on-with-or-without-the-salone-del-mobile_82090 Fuorisalone 2021 is On! With or Without the Salone del Mobile The Milan Design Week appointment is confirmed. From September 5-10<br /><br />12/04/2021 -?A few hours after the virtual opening of the April 2021 Digital Edition, today, in an official note, Fuorisalone confirmed the in-person edition from September 5 – 10. And it will go on regardless of whether the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile - yet to be confirmed - will be held. The goal is to get Milan up and running again with a special edition of Fuorisalone that will offer brands new opportunities despite the pandemic that unfortunately continues to be a constant obstacle to total recovery. Many districts that contribute to the event by animating Milan's streets every year are alreading manifesting their desire by participating in a shared dialogue: 5VIE art+design, $<a href="新聞/fuorisalone-2021-is-on-with-or-without-the-salone-del-mobile_82090" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 12 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/colorful-weaves-for-the-outdoors-neil-twist-by-mdf-italia_82078 Colorful Weaves for the Outdoors: Neil Twist by MDF Italia The seating family designed by Jean Marie Massaud now is completed by a new stool<br /><br />12/04/2021 - A bold and versatile collection with a contemporary look that blends perfectly into outdoor spaces and in harmony with the surrounding nature.?Neil Twist, the family of seating designed by Jean Marie Massaud for MDF Italia, is characterised by an exclusive weave, entirely hand-made. The collection includes an armchair, a chair?and now is completed also by a stool in two different heights. ? The steel structure draws a light and essential silhouette embraced by the cord, creating an exclusive weaving.?The name of the collection, Neil Twist, suggests that the manually waeved cord is the protagonist of this project.?The detail of the contrasting stitching is present in all variants $<a href="新聞/colorful-weaves-for-the-outdoors-neil-twist-by-mdf-italia_82078" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 12 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 戶外 家具新聞/pavilion-o-a-modular-structure-to-reinvents-the-workplace_82077 Pavilion O: A Modular Structure to Reinvents the Workplace Kettal presents a structure solution to suit ever-changing requirements within offices<br /><br />12/04/2021 - Flexible and modular: Kettal unveils Pavilion O, a structure solution to reinvents the workplace. The last year he lived has changed the way of seeing the workplace. Indeed many companies have adapted to the increasingly unpredictable market by creating agile organizational structures. To be agile, they also need office structures that can be easily reconfigured to suit ever-changing requirements. Pavilion O is the ideal structure solution for these new work environments. ? The principal function of Pavilion O is to provide a flexible way of dividing offices into zones while offering enclosed workspaces. It consists of an aluminum structure that can be built out with a variety $<a href="新聞/pavilion-o-a-modular-structure-to-reinvents-the-workplace_82077" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 12 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/luceplan-acoustic-suspension-lamps-for-the-project-by-odile-decq_82070 Luceplan Acoustic Suspension Lamps for the Project by Odile Decq Twist: an office space designed as a landscape<br /><br />12/04/2021 - The Pétale acoustic suspension lamps by Luceplan illuminate Twist, the new project by Odile Decq in Paris, “an office space designed as a landscape'. The completely transparent and slightly recessed fa?ade offers a glimpse of the building’s vertical winter gardens, as well as the normal activities and movements of a company at work. ? From a distance, TWIST stands out from the neighboring structures due to its three different volumes: two lower blocks plus the taller, angular end, with all the facades completely visible from afar. In the upper portion the tall volume seems to be slightly twisted, sending torsion into the vertical structure below. ? TWIST reinterprets $<a href="新聞/luceplan-acoustic-suspension-lamps-for-the-project-by-odile-decq_82070" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 12 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 辦公 燈光新聞/l-l-luce-light-illuminates-the-hypogeum-of-santa-maria-in-stelle_82064 L&L Luce&Light Illuminates the Hypogeum of Santa Maria in Stelle The ancient Roman aqueduct comes to life thanks to a long restoration work<br /><br />12/04/2021 -&nbsp;Ginko 2.0?projector from?L&L Luce&Light illuminates the?hypogeum of Santa Maria in Stelle, in the heart of the Valpantena valley just east of Verona. Located below the church of Santa Maria Assunta, the?hypogeum is a very special archaeological site. It started as a Roman aqueduct and reservoir built by the Gens Pomponia in the first century AD to capture the water from the spring that flows in that area. ? It has undergone many changes over the centuries, from a pagan sanctuary dedicated to water nymphs, commissioned by Publius Pomponius Cornelius in the 3rd century AD, to an early Christian place of worship in the 3rd century, when Bishop Zeno of Verona had the first $<a href="新聞/l-l-luce-light-illuminates-the-hypogeum-of-santa-maria-in-stelle_82064" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 12 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 燈光新聞/the-marilyn-maquette-obscure-unknown-and-iconic_82081 The Marilyn Maquette: Obscure, Unknown… And Iconic Henzel Studio on view @ Frozen Palms Gallery until June 2<br /><br />12/04/2021 - Henzel Studio with Frozen Palms Gallery announce a virtual exhibition that brings to light one of Warhol’s most obscure and unknown works, while paying homage to his most iconic and popular subject: Marilyn Monroe.? ? The exhibition features nine handmade rugs by Henzel Studio created in close collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Alongside these are virtual replicas of fourteen original Warhol paintings made available by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, further contextualizing the artist’s accomplishments of both replicating, abstracting and deconstructing the recognizable subject.? ? “The Foundation has been delighted to collaborate $<a href="新聞/the-marilyn-maquette-obscure-unknown-and-iconic_82081" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 12 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/planium-covers-the-stairs-with-the-elegance-of-metal_82080 Planium Covers the Stairs with the Elegance of Metal <br /><br />12/04/2021 - The staircase is an architectural element of vertical communication, that is, a connection between floors at different levels and consequently also an element of spatial continuity. Due to the importance of this element, Planium decided to dedicate unique coatings with exclusive metal textures to it. The design of this architectural element varies as much as the styles. If contemporary and minimalist, it is ideal for adapting to any architectural style of the environment. Carefully designed and developed within a broader vision that embraces the entire environment that welcomes it, it becomes a distinctive element strongly characterizing the style and space. Hence the importance $<a href="新聞/planium-covers-the-stairs-with-the-elegance-of-metal_82080" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 12 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/ala-table-designed-by-ferruccio-laviani-for-misuraemme_82079 ALA Table Designed by Ferruccio Laviani for MisuraEmme Available in two versions and numerous finishes, the table furnishes the dining space with a Fifties touch<br /><br />12/04/2021 -?MisuraEmme presents ALA table designed by Ferruccio Laviani: inspired by a love for the 1950s classics, yet futuristic in its design, which resembles that of an airplane, given by the top, defined by a thin edge making it appear as though it is suspended in mid-air and ready to take off. The slim and delicate wooden tapered legs add to the aerodynamic perception, which inspires its name, Ala, wing. ? The dining table is one of the most important hubs of any modern home. It is the backbone of a good dinner party, enabling scintillating conversations between family and friends. Whether small or stately, linear or curved, there are a variety of exciting options available in the $<a href="新聞/ala-table-designed-by-ferruccio-laviani-for-misuraemme_82079" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 12 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 家具新聞/ada-2021-the-jury-s-faces_82027 ADA 2021: The Jury’s Faces Announcing the first names of the Architects, Designers, Photographers, Editors and Creative Directors who will judge the products participating in the 2021 ADAs<br /><br />09/04/2021 - The Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 are officially open! With the official kick-off, we are happy to reveal the names of the first jurors invited to select the best products in the Award’s sixth edition. Once again, the ADAs?will count on a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary panel including some of the world’s most interesting architecture studios, designers, creative directors, editors, photographers and creative hubs. Participating for the first time in the jury are Rossana?Neri and Lyndon Hu, founders of the?Shanghai-based?inter-disciplinary architectural design practice Neri&Hu;?Bobby Berk, the American interior designer known for the popular Netflix series Queer $<a href="新聞/ada-2021-the-jury-s-faces_82027" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 08:00:00 GMT (Rossana Vinci)新聞/colourful-bathrooms-inspirations-to-revolutionise-well-being-spaces_81941 Colourful Bathrooms: Inspirations to Revolutionise Well-Being Spaces From warm, intense yellows to cool blues, palettes for creating a hyper-colourful bathroom with a touch of creativity<br /><br />09/04/2021 - Colourful bathroom trends. Classic 'white bathroom tiles' give way to deeper shades or more neutral palettes, redefining the style and character of the archetypal wellness space. White, the symbol of purity, has always been the predominant non-colour for the place dedicated to our well-being. For some time, we have observed the return of bright tones and soft shades on walls, sanitary ware, furniture and taps in high-impact, colourful?bathrooms. Colour block, textures, and iridescent patterns burst into our most intimate domestic space, sprinkled evenly over surfaces that become backdrops for super-coloured, coordinated matt or high gloss objects for a truly trendy bathroom. Warm $<a href="新聞/colourful-bathrooms-inspirations-to-revolutionise-well-being-spaces_81941" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT Angelo Dell'Olio 飾面 戶外 衛浴新聞/bob-seating-collection-continues-to-grow-bobby-bobban_82054 Bob Seating Collection Continues to Grow: Bobby & Bobban Bl? Station chair and pouf to create new scenarios of conviviality<br /><br />09/04/2021 - The Bob family by Bl&aring; Station continues to grow! Bobby is now a comfortable and welcoming freestanding chair, next to it we find Bobban, the pouf to be combined with Bobby, together they create new scenarios of conviviality.? Bobby’s backrest has been perfected by Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand so that the Bob family’s younger brother is now a little more grown up.? ? ”Compared to the sofa Bob, Bobby can also be used as a freestanding chair. The pouf can thanks to the improved magnets bind Bobby together in many different ways, or can terminate any sofa as a sideboard as well as an extra seat.” Thomas Bernstrand? Still as boisterous before, Bobby can easily $<a href="新聞/bob-seating-collection-continues-to-grow-bobby-bobban_82054" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT新聞/knot-collection-by-brokis-becomes-portable_82052 Knot Collection by Brokis Becomes Portable The new battery-powered light joins the now iconic family of lamps by Chiaramonte Marin<br /><br />09/04/2021- Brokis introduces new Knot Battery light designed by Chiaramonte Marin, the latest addition to the original Knot collection of pendent lights, the full-bodied globes of varying shapes and sizes penetrated by robust cords that seemingly pull the glass inward for a bemusing plastic effect.? ? Knot Battery light, together with the new Ivy Table Battery Light designed by Lucie Koldova, are the latest cerations presented by Brokis.?Two new battery-powered lights that open the door to a line of exciting possibilities in indoor and outdoor illumination. Just pick them up and put it wherever you need a little mood lighting.?? ? Knot, a collection of stately pendent lights that $<a href="新聞/knot-collection-by-brokis-becomes-portable_82052" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 燈光新聞/plant-fabrics-and-soft-shades-paola-lenti-outdoor-furnitures_82048 Plant Fabrics and Soft Shades: Paola Lenti Outdoor Furnitures Eres collection by Francesco Rota focuses on sustainability and recovery of renewable materials<br /><br />09/04/2021 -?Paola Lenti presents the new Eres outdoor furnitures made by linen, hemp, bamboo, raphia, igusa, and abaca. Environmental sustainability and ecological balance, recovery and use of renewable materials - obtained thanks to the careful control of the supply chain and to traditional cultivation and production techniques. These are the concepts behind the decision to name the collection Eres. In fact, one of the meanings of the word Eres in the Old Testament is earth, intended as the place where human life develops. ? The new collection thus introduces elements designed and produced with a preference for herbaceous and shrubby plants with seasonal growth, used without chemical $<a href="新聞/plant-fabrics-and-soft-shades-paola-lenti-outdoor-furnitures_82048" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 戶外 項目 家具新聞/blender-one-table-a-multitude-of-configurations_82056 Blender: One Table, A Multitude Of Configurations The new modular table by Delphin Design for Casala<br /><br />09/04/2021 - The Blender table, designed by the German design duo Delphin Design for Casala, is a modular piece of furniture that can be easily transformed into a lounge or bar table without using any tools. By quickly changing the column height and using a different table top, the table can be adapted to a wide variety of situations in no time at all. This is handy if you need to change from a setting with standing tables, to a dinner setting in a relatively short time. ? Quick installation and customisation You attach the column to the cross base or the foot plate with a twisting motion. Then the table top is placed on the column and fixed to the table by clicking the top into place $<a href="新聞/blender-one-table-a-multitude-of-configurations_82056" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Hannah Freund)新聞/catellani-smith-outdoor-lamps-organic-shapes-inspired-by-nature_82041 Catellani & Smith Outdoor Lamps: Organic Shapes Inspired by Nature Garden lamps, applique, table an suspended lamps made of hand-worked glass<br /><br />09/04/2021 - The outdoor lighting collections of Catellani &amp; Smith blends seamlessly with nature, infusing it with light and becoming an integral part of it. Enzo Catellani’s main goal was to create a collection of indoor lamps suitable for outdoor installation; lighting fixtures created for the outside, but able to recreate the same warmth and atmosphere as indoor lights.? Glass plays a starring role in this collection; glass which, before being completely cooled, is shaped by hand. The?outdoor lighting collections?by?Catellani & Smith Reminiscent of the blackberries that grow wild on bushes and in hedgerows, the hallmark feature of the models in the More collection is the deliberately $<a href="新聞/catellani-smith-outdoor-lamps-organic-shapes-inspired-by-nature_82041" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 燈光新聞/square-by-riflessi-the-first-table-with-a-patented-top_82034 Square by Riflessi: the First Table with a Patented Top Created for any living spaces, the geometry was born from the encounter of the square and circular shapes<br /><br />09/04/2021 - During the 2021 Milano Design City, Riflessi presents Square, the first table with a patented top. Domestic spaces today require flexibility and practical elements, which easily conform to changing rhythms and practices. Square, like an organism that adapts and modifies itself according to the changes of the environment in which it lives, has been created to harmonize and adapt to the habitat that has been the fulcrum of our lives, this year more than ever before, and often the epicenter of transformations: the home. ? The barrel shape, proposed in the fixed and extendable versions, was born with this purpose and originates from the encounter of the square and circular shapes, $<a href="新聞/square-by-riflessi-the-first-table-with-a-patented-top_82034" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/bauhaus-inspiration-lilly-collection-a-tribute-to-lilly-reich_82055 Bauhaus Inspiration: LILLY Collection, a Tribute to Lilly Reich Metal curves and the winding lines for the outdoor armchair by Democràcia Estudio for Diabla<br /><br />09/04/2021 - LILLY collection - the outdoor series designed by Democràcia Estudio for Diabla - pays homage to Lilly Reich, the outstanding designer, architect and Bauhaus professor.? ? 'LILLYS shapes resemble many of the processes that Lilly Reich used, for example the metal curves and the winding lines that draw each element. If we follow its exterior structure, we can see a meandering figure that never begins or ends'.? ? Lilly Reich is often unfairly forgotten despite her conclusive role in the period, having collaborated with Mies van der Rohe in the design of the iconic Barcelona chair or works such as the Barcelona’s German Pavilion.? ? LILLY collection is composed of $<a href="新聞/bauhaus-inspiration-lilly-collection-a-tribute-to-lilly-reich_82055" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 戶外 家具 項目新聞/the-shower-enclosure-by-duka-renews-its-look_82051 The Shower Enclosure by duka Renews Its Look The iconic pura R 5000 is now available with a new matte finish, which recalls the typical shade of stainless steel<br /><br />09/04/2021 - Pura R 5000, the iconic shower enclosure from duka, characterised by pure shapes and essential lines, renews its look. As of now it is available with a new matte finish, which recalls the typical shade of stainless steel, effectuating a warm and contemporary appeal of the aluminium profiles.? ? The range of aesthetic possibilities for pura R 5000 thus becomes even wider, with two types of profile, matte Inox look and polished chrome/silver, which can be combined with different versions of glass – transparent, satin, Parsol grey, with central satin screen-printing on the glass and Nebula, the finish with an elegant shaded effect that transmits sensations of freshness. Contemporary $<a href="新聞/the-shower-enclosure-by-duka-renews-its-look_82051" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 衛浴新聞/sundae-lounges-by-designbythem-make-yourself-at-home_82021 Sundae Lounges by DesignByThem: Make Yourself at Home Armchairs and sofas that invite you to relax with its low height, deeper seat and generous curves <br /><br />08/04/2021 - Soft curves and billowing profiles: get super comfy with the Sundae Lounges by Jason Ju for DesignByThem.? Armchairs and sofas voluminous in form and character, Sundae collection blurs the line between residential and commercial furniture, bringing an immediate sense of comfort and familiarity to its environment. ? "It was imperative that comfort be designed into the aesthetic. Many lounges use a lot of material, structurally, in order to keep it together, but we designed the Sundae Range to challenge this. We needed to build around a minimal steel structure but keep the voluminous shape." - Jason Ju. The Sundae project came about in 2019, when an opportunity arose for Jason, $<a href="新聞/sundae-lounges-by-designbythem-make-yourself-at-home_82021" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 08 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 家具新聞/the-new-acoustic-lighting-collections-by-axolight_82020 The New Acoustic Lighting Collections by Axolight Illuminate, soundproof and furnish: six iconic lamps become multifunctional<br /><br />08/04/2021 - Axolight presents Bell, Layers, Ukiyo, Velvet, Plumage and Skirt acoustic lighting, six new versions of some of the company's most representative collections. One year has passed since Axolight presented the new version of U-Light, masterfully integrated with a sound-absorbing panel to ensure the reduction of environmental reverberation, but research and development of innovative products capable of improving the performance of its lamps have not stopped.? ? The main objective around which the first research activities were concentrated - which initially saw the Axolight Laboratories work alongside SID (The Italian School of Design) and Matech (the Italian center of excellence $<a href="新聞/the-new-acoustic-lighting-collections-by-axolight_82020" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 08 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 燈光新聞/casalgrande-padana-porcelain-stoneware-tiles-cover-multiplexe-aquatique_82018 Casalgrande Padana Porcelain Stoneware Tiles Cover Multiplexe Aquatique A fluid architecture that recalls the gentle waves of the water and the ripples of a ray moving through the ocean<br /><br />08/04/2021 -?Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles, equipped with the Bios Antibacterial technology, have been used for the pools of the Multiplexe Aquatique Saint Gilles Croix de Vie water complex. On the Vendée coast, in the Loire region of France that runs alongside the Atlantic Ocean, the Multiplexe Aquatique Saint Gilles Croix de Vie is located in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez. Designed by the architecture firm BLP Brochet Lajus Pueyo, it seems to blend seamlessly and appealingly into the landscape formed by the salt pans and the Vie river in this attractive Natura 2000 protected area. The three graceful petal shapes that form the roof recall the gentle waves of the water and the ripples $<a href="新聞/casalgrande-padana-porcelain-stoneware-tiles-cover-multiplexe-aquatique_82018" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 08 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/adaptive-design-fiora-new-2021-products_82006 Adaptive Design: Fiora New 2021 Products The SEN complete bathroom furniture programme by Mario Ruiz and the new KOU shower tray<br /><br />08/04/2021 - Fiora unveils some of its new product lines at the digital edition of the ISH Trade Fair, from March 22 to 26. A year marked by big new product designs, where Fiora presents SEN, the recent collaboration with designer Mario Ruiz, as well as its innovative KOU shower tray. ? SEN design Mario Ruiz SEN is a complete bathroom furniture programme that answers to the needs of all types of bathroom spaces, both in residential and contract environments. The collection features a minimal, light metallic structure in counterpoint with closed volumes. As always, texturing has been a key element in SEN design, thanks to a finish designed by Mario Ruiz, with “raised channels and other $<a href="新聞/adaptive-design-fiora-new-2021-products_82006" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 08 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani)新聞/clava-up-wood-by-umage-spruce-up-the-walls-with-rays-of-light_82028 Clava Up Wood by Umage: Spruce Up the Walls with Rays of Light The new lamp added to the Clava family<br /><br />08/04/2021 - UMAGE extends the sculptural Clava collection with a new variant for the wall, Clava Up Wood. The recognizable shape made from laser-cut wood lamellae is designed to illuminate the home with a playful flash of light on the walls in the surrounding space.? ? “From a base of solid natural oak, the light will brighten your home with rays of light and make your walls sparkle.” states S?ren Ravn Christensen, designer of the lamp as well as co-founder and Chief Creative Develope of UMAGE.? The wood has a visible grain that enhances the distinct details, soft shape and lamellae of the wall lamp and adds extravagance to the design.? ? Clava Up Wood is available in oak, dark oak and $<a href="新聞/clava-up-wood-by-umage-spruce-up-the-walls-with-rays-of-light_82028" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 08 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT 燈光新聞/boca-do-lobo-for-a-luxury-penthouse-in-the-heart-of-paris_82025 Boca Do Lobo for a Luxury Penthouse in the Heart Of Paris Neutral background, gold surfaces and noblest materials for a project that reflects the owner’s love for collectible design<br /><br />08/04/2021 - Boca Do Lobo lands in Paris in a luxurious and eclectic 1450 square feet apartment.? ? Boca Do Lobo Design Studio created?a multimillion-dollar Luxury Penthouse that reflects the owner’s love for collectible design and the client’s needs to have a functional space for work and to be inspired at the same time.? ? An apartment in the city of lights fit for the most creative minds, this project is one of the many homes of a prolific architect, who also dabbles in the art dealing world. ? Embracing the elegant and unique features of French architecture, this apartment features timeless and elegant Portes-Fenêtres, the French term for “door-sized window”, to enjoy $<a href="新聞/boca-do-lobo-for-a-luxury-penthouse-in-the-heart-of-paris_82025" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 08 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/a-soft-embrace-it-s-buzzihug-the-new-privacy-booth-by-buzzispace_81990 A Soft Embrace: it's BuzziHug, the New Privacy Booth by BuzziSpace A semi-enclosed sculptural shape that provides visual and acoustic privacy at the workplace<br /><br />07/04/2021 - A soft welcoming embrace that protects us from noise in the workplace: BuzziSpace presents BuzziHug, the newest work station and privacy booth distinguished by its semi-enclosed sculptural shape. Lightweight in nature, the design can be easily rearranged to accommodate the everchange contemporary workplace.? ? Designed as a temporary stand-up desk as well as a privacy booth for one, BuzziHug?by BuzziSpace?aims to increase productivity at the same time to ensure visual and acoustic privacy at the workplace. This solution can be fixed to the floor or you can enjoy its adaptability, needed ubiquitously in today's office environment.? The booth’s geometric shape appears structural $<a href="新聞/a-soft-embrace-it-s-buzzihug-the-new-privacy-booth-by-buzzispace_81990" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 07 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT新聞/archiproducts-milano-2021-future-habit-at_81958 Archiproducts Milano 2021: Future Habit(at) In a post-pandemic world, technology and 'cocoons' create living spaces<br /><br />07/04/2021 - Work is underway at the new Archiproducts Milano space in Via Tortona 31,? getting it ready to present the new "Future Habit(at)" display. The 2021 project, whose doors will open to the public by April, includes over 60 international brands, all enthusiastic and eager to start up again after an extremely tiring year. The design of the space is the fruit of collaboration with Studio Salaris.? ? In a post-pandemic world, the boundary between home and work is dissolving. How can interior design define a "new normal" and create the living space of the future? Future Habit(at) stages a fresh interpretation of living whose keywords are technology - increasingly silent and stripped $<a href="新聞/archiproducts-milano-2021-future-habit-at_81958" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 07 Apr 2021 01:30:00 GMT (Roberta Dragone)新聞/the-new-minotti-flagship-store-in-taizhou_82003 The New Minotti Flagship Store in Taizhou A bright and rigorous space hosts a fluid sequence of highly appealing living, conversation, dining and night areas<br /><br />07/04/2021 - Opens a new Minotti Flagship Store in Taizhou - one of the country’s most thriving industrial centres, thanks to the strategic partnership with high-end furniture retailer Fashion Bond. Located in the exclusive Taizhou Central Business District, in close proximity to the city centre, this flagship store features an imposing classical-style facade, high ceilings and large windows, which let in plenty of natural light and offer unbeatable views over a manicured residential garden in the area behind the building. ? The new Minotti Flagship Store space The project, designed by Minotti Studio, the creative department within Minotti HQ, emphasises the store's scale and brings $<a href="新聞/the-new-minotti-flagship-store-in-taizhou_82003" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 07 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 家具新聞/alpi-woods-for-the-new-project-designed-by-sceg-architetti_81994 ALPI Woods for the New Project Designed by SCEG Architetti A traditional mountain house reinterpreted with the textures of Ettore Sottsass<br /><br />07/04/2021 -?ALPI decorative surfaces in wood veneer to add character to the interiors of Folie Falò, the house in the mountain in Upper Val di Susa designed by SCEG Architetti, an architecture firm based in Turin, founded in 2011 by the Italian-Greek couple Stefano Carera and Eirini Giannakopoulou. ? A small family apartment owned by the two architects, facing the forest of Claviere, a popular destination for tourists. The layout of just 30 square meters contains a kitchen, a dining room and a bathroom, with beds for six visitors. In this project, the studio SCEG narrates its design approach, in constant balance between functional quality and emotions, tradition and contemporary style, $<a href="新聞/alpi-woods-for-the-new-project-designed-by-sceg-architetti_81994" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 07 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 飾面新聞/crassevig-expands-the-pola-seating-collection_81988 Crassevig expands the Pola seating collection Essential and playful design: the new Lounge armchair and the Pola Low stool<br /><br />07/04/2021 - Crassevig expands the Pola seating collection with the new Lounge armchair and the Pola Low stool. Essential and playful, the Pola chairs have an enveloping shape and a versatility that satisfies every need of use and is suitable for living and contract contexts. ? Welcome to a new Comfort This wide design gives shape to a deep sense of relaxation, paving the way to move and take further actions with a quiet mind. Pola Lounge is a spontaneous, tilting armchair designed to appreciate the true sense of beauty, right in the moment we live in, both at home and in contract spaces. A seating that embraces tranquility and, with its soft polyurethane upholstered shell, helps us rethink $<a href="新聞/crassevig-expands-the-pola-seating-collection_81988" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 07 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/liqui-group-for-wellhead-bristol_81996 Liqui Group for Wellhead Bristol Brickwork and arched windows for a new coffee and cocktail bar concept in the heart of the English city<br /><br />07/04/2021 - Liqui Group designed Wellhead Bristol, a new coffee and cocktail bar concept in Finzels Reach, a recently developed waterfront quarter in the heart of Bristol. The hitorical listed Wellhead building was built to draw water from the docks for use in the brewing process at Georges Brewery (a former 18th century Bristolian institution). With The Wellhead Bristol, Liqui applied its expertise in hospitality design and branding to provide a fully rounded and integrated service for the client.? ? When considering design proposals for The Wellhead’s interior, the Liqui team were careful to retain the building’s original fabric, including its exposed brickwork and arched windows. Working $<a href="新聞/liqui-group-for-wellhead-bristol_81996" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 07 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/archiproducts-design-awards-2021-kicking-off-the-sixth-edition_81965 Archiproducts Design Awards 2021: Kicking off the sixth edition! The call for entries is now open for the annual Awards that celebrate design excellence the world over<br /><br />06/04/2021 - Now in its sixth edition, the Archiproducts Design Awards are back to celebrate excellence in international design. The synergy between producers and designers who have the means and talent to shape the creative process is again at the heart of the awards. With its debut in 2016 and today internationally renowned, the ADAs?are a true tribute to creativity, research and innovation. The 2020 edition was born with extraordinary enthusiasm in reaction to the emotional and economic shock that involved the entire world of international production under the pandemic. This year, the intent is to continue encouraging and supporting work that requires ever more strength, ingenuity and $<a href="新聞/archiproducts-design-awards-2021-kicking-off-the-sixth-edition_81965" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 06 Apr 2021 08:00:00 GMT (Rossana Vinci)新聞/timeless-icons-artek-essentials_81980 Timeless Icons: Artek Essentials From stools, chairs, and benches to tables and lighting, that exude an paradigmatic appeal that never goes out of style <br /><br />06/04/2021 - Artek, namely authenticity, longevity, and sustainable manufacture: for over 80 years, the Finnish brand - born of minds young idealists: Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen, and Nils-Gustav Hahl - has been sourcing materials and manufacturing products responsibly, using natural and renewable materials to create timeless designs that are built to last.? The Artek Essentials are a core selection of these designs, functional products, ranging from stools, chairs, and benches to tables and lighting, they exude an iconic appeal that never goes out of style.? Aging beautifully through everyday use, Artek Essentials are often passed on from one generation to the next.? Lighting $<a href="新聞/timeless-icons-artek-essentials_81980" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 06 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 燈光 家具新聞/simple-and-smart-the-new-faema-e71-touch_81963 Simple and Smart: the new Faema E71 Touch The new model with a touchscreen display meets the needs of large chains<br /><br />06/04/2021 - Design, technology, customisation and exceptional user-friendliness.?These are the main advantages of?Faema E71 Touch, the new smart and intuitive model by the iconic Gruppo Cimbali brand, which enhances the E71 range and meets the needs of large chains, simplifying baristas’ work. ? User-friendly and intuitive touchscreen interface Coffee dose selection is easy and intuitive thanks to a new 4.3″ touchscreen display with an ergonomic tilt, which is visible from every angle and features programmable dose keys that can be customized with different numbers and colours. Many new solutions that provide maximum ergonomics The E71 Touch is equipped with new filter holders $<a href="新聞/simple-and-smart-the-new-faema-e71-touch_81963" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 06 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani)新聞/a-interplay-of-contrasts-for-the-bathroom_81962 A Interplay of Contrasts for the Bathroom The Black and White collection by Novellini<br /><br />06/02/2021 -?The Black and White collection by Novellini blends the elegance of black and the purity of white to create perfect harmony. A dichotomy of hues that colours the profiles of shower enclosures and spaces, furnishings and accessories, endowing them with character and personality. Black accentuates the contrasts and enhances the shapes for an industrial-style bathroom. White, versatile and refined, illuminates spaces for a complete, monochromatic look that is always fashionable. ? KUADRA H FRAME by Novellini The Kuadra H Frame series features a clean design and linear geometries – the black metal details highlight shower space volumes, creating an interplay of shape and contrast $<a href="新聞/a-interplay-of-contrasts-for-the-bathroom_81962" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 06 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 衛浴新聞/outdoor-living-gan-rugs-and-spaces_81982 Outdoor Living: GAN Rugs and Spaces The iconic collections and some of most recent launches to enjoy spring en plein air<br /><br />06/04/2021 - Outdoor living: spring is here and GAN suggests their collections to enjoy spaces en plein air, both with its iconic products and with some of its most recent launches. Just like indoors, outdoor rugs and accessories transcend the seasons and work together to get the most of out of spaces by dressing them with style, comfort and texture. The abundance of precise textures can be seen in the different configurations of GARDEN LAYERS, by Patricia Urquiola for GAN, on the teak floor of this rooftop terrace by Moser Mur Architecture and Teodora Exteriorisme under the Barcelona sky. Inspired by Mughal culture, the GARDEN LAYERS rugs, mattresses, rolls, Indian beds and cushions show $<a href="新聞/outdoor-living-gan-rugs-and-spaces_81982" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 06 Apr 2021 05:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 戶外 家具 飾品新聞/performance-in-lighting-for-the-olivetti-factory-in-pozzuoli_81970 Performance iN Lighting for the Olivetti Factory in Pozzuoli A new lighting project for an iconic architecture from 1950s<br /><br />06/04/2021 - Performance iN Lighting lighting systems contribute to the redevelopment project of the Olivetti factory in Pozzuoli, a rare example of harmony between industrial architecture and an extraordinarily important landscape context. The plant is the manifesto of the most visionary economic and social development policies promoted by Adriano Olivetti in the 1950s, who surprisingly also invested in the South in a time in history of great movement from the region. Designing an industrial plant in Naples, not even a decade after the end of the war, meant setting not only technical objectives, but more importantly, moral and environmental goals as well. The open dialogue between Olivetti and $<a href="新聞/performance-in-lighting-for-the-olivetti-factory-in-pozzuoli_81970" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 06 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/a-new-palette-for-brokis-muffins-candleholders_81981 A New Palette for Brokis Muffins Candleholders Refreshing colours that light up spring in your indoor and outdoor spaces<br /><br />06/04/2021 - A new refreshing spring colours palette dresses?Muffins Candleholders by Brokis. For?holiday dinner table or as essential home accessories,?Muffins Candleholders?light up spring in your indoor and outdoor spaces. ? Gently curved handblown glass, solid wood, and outstanding craftsmanship – Muffins Candleholders reveal not only your sense for detail and exceptional design but also make ordinary spaces into something extraordinary both day and night. The Muffins Candleholder is part of the timeless Muffins lighting collection, an iconic symbol of the BROKIS brand. The collection of Candleholders lets you choose from three wood decors that perfectly complement the various colours $<a href="新聞/a-new-palette-for-brokis-muffins-candleholders_81981" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 06 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani)新聞/the-officine-gullo-tailor-made-kitchen-for-a-project-in-tuscany_81966 The Officine Gullo Tailor-Made Kitchen for a Project in Tuscany The renovation of the Tenuta di Carleone old farmstead in the heart of Chianti<br /><br />06/04/2021 - The Officine Gullo tailor-made kitchen was chosen by the Loop Studio architecture firm for the Tenuta di Carleone, in the heart of Chianti. The entire estate, which stretches across approximately 100 hectares, fits into the typical Tuscan scenery of Chianti dotted with wooded hills, rivulets and fertile plains. In this bucolic setting, in addition to a top wine estate, the owners have renovated the old Pian Vecchio farmstead and the picturesque Castiglioni village, converting it into a luxury hospitality space. Officine Gullo has crafted a kitchen in the main residence, which vaunts a strong style and identity, blending the traditional charm of the centuries-old forms with up-to-the-minute, $<a href="新聞/the-officine-gullo-tailor-made-kitchen-for-a-project-in-tuscany_81966" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Sat, 03 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/sustainable-outdoors-new-materials-for-roda-2021-collections_81948 Sustainable Outdoors: New Materials for Roda 2021 Collections Cords, belts and fabrics regenerated dress furnishings and accessories. Among the novelties, the new series of Bush On vases<br /><br />02/04/2021 - Thanks to a careful research and selection of suppliers and raw materials, RODA introduces new materials to look at the future of the environment with optimism:?new 100% Made in Italy cords, belts and fabrics regenerated from fabrication offcuts dress?furnishings and accessories.?Among the novelties, the new series of Bush On vases in 100% natural brown cork signed by Gordon Guillaumier. ? RODA’s transparent approach and commitment is a path of sustainability which is first of all prime part of the company’s corporate culture, from products’ durability, certified raw materials and research. RODA introduces among its materials new 100% Made in Italy cords, belts and fabrics $<a href="新聞/sustainable-outdoors-new-materials-for-roda-2021-collections_81948" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 02 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 戶外新聞/reve-mirrors-by-koket-for-a-charming-and-sustainable-residence_81957 Revê Mirrors by KOKET for a Charming and Sustainable Residence For a luxurious living room in the villa located in the affluent neighborhood of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, India<br /><br />02/03/2021 -?NA Architects designed?NR House,?a charming and sustainable residence in India.?In the luxurious living room, between rustic stone and wooden slats, two REVê Mirrors by KOKET?stand out. Set in the affluent neighborhood of Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, India, is the stunning NR House. A beautiful and sustainable masterpiece with a Platinum IGBC Green home rating and grand meets modern rustic decor. ? “The main goal was to achieve sustainability with luxury. We wanted to showcase that eco-friendly homes can be luxurious. Since this is our private house, we had complete creative freedom to experiment with the concept,” said the design couple, NA Architects principals Niroop and $<a href="新聞/reve-mirrors-by-koket-for-a-charming-and-sustainable-residence_81957" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 02 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 飾品新聞/marrone-mesubim-x-massimo-bottura_81336 Marrone + Mesubim X Massimo Bottura C2 kitchen for his new project “La Luigina” at Casa Maria Luigia<br /><br />02/04/2021 - Three Michelin-Star chef Massimo Bottura became the Brand Ambassador of Marrone + Mesubim. Having received the title of "Best restaurant in the world" twice, the three Michelin star Osteria Francescana has played an important role internationally. ? Joshua Latner, designer of the Marrone + Mesubim brand, says “without a doubt Massimo is a leading figure in international cuisine, and has influenced many chefs and customers around the world with his reinterpretations of traditional Italian dishes; his crunchy lasagna, or, oops I dropped the lemon tart, are both fantastic iconic dishes. It was exciting to watch and try Massimo's dishes in an intimate setting surrounded by his art $<a href="新聞/marrone-mesubim-x-massimo-bottura_81336" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 02 Apr 2021 00:00:00 GMT 廚房新聞/a-new-outdoor-lighting-collection-by-luceplan_81936 A New Outdoor Lighting Collection by Luceplan Four new families designed by Daniel Rybakken, Meneghello Paolelli Associati and Alessandro Zambelli<br /><br />01/04/2021 - Luceplan presents a new outdoor lighting collection: Fienile by Daniel Rybakken, Nui and Nui Mini by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, and Flia by Alessandro Zambelli, joining the ranks of the existing collections designed for outdoor use (Grande Costanza Open Air, PodLens, Ecran In & Out, Metropoli, Sky). ? The Luceplan collection grows, first of all with the outdoor version of the Fienile collection by Daniel Rybakken. As already happened with Costanza, the reinterpretation of iconic products with new optical groupings and materi- als conceived to stand up to weather moves in the direction of an increasingly nomadic lifestyle, applying the same design approach to indoor and outdoor $<a href="新聞/a-new-outdoor-lighting-collection-by-luceplan_81936" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 01 Apr 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 燈光新聞/the-new-giorgetti-store-in-los-angeles_81920 The New Giorgetti Store in Los Angeles From living to outdoor spaces, new and Iconic heritage collections stage the complete Giorgetti lifestyle<br /><br />01/04/2021 - Giorgetti presents its new Los Angeles?showroom in collaboration with Robina Benson Design House. The newly opened space stages the complete Giorgetti lifestyle for Client’s full experience with decandently yet playful designed dining, living, kitchen, bedroom, closet, executive office and outdoor spaces. New and Iconic heritage collections are presented to highlight Giorgetti’s renowned timeless lifestyle. The textures of the woods, marbles and fabrics give the spaces a precious and unique three-dimensional visual. ? The Los Angeles store showcases in the living area the Skyline collection with its sectional sofa system and accent tables, the Oli cabinet, the Kendama lamp $<a href="新聞/the-new-giorgetti-store-in-los-angeles_81920" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 01 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani)新聞/concrete-floor-for-interior-design-projects_81916 Concrete Floor for Interior Design Projects Continuous, durable and versatile surfaces: the solutions for minimalist, classic or industrial spaces<br /><br />01/04/2021 - Today, the concrete floor is considered a must-have for interior design. Ideal for new construction, renovations or minimally invasive projects, the continuous surface composed of cement materials and water-repellent resins is resistant to abrasion and long-lasting. These qualities make the cement floor perfect for high-traffic areas or spaces in contact with water or subject to temperature variations, like bathrooms and kitchens. Aesthetically, the concrete floor is smooth and seamless with a glossy or matt surface. Combined with mineral pigments, tones can vary from the classic cool or warm greys to vibrant pop-inspired colours. When paired with wood, metal or stone, the material $<a href="新聞/concrete-floor-for-interior-design-projects_81916" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 01 Apr 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 飾面 建材新聞/the-new-talenti-headquarters-in-the-heart-of-umbria_81914 The New Talenti Headquarters in the Heart of Umbria An historical former pasta factory houses offices, warehouses and showrooms: the project by the Progetto Reb studio<br /><br />31/03/2021 - Inaugurates the new Talenti Headquarters: the result of the regeneration of the historical former Federici pasta factory, in the heart of Umbria, the new headquarters of the brand covers an area of 80 thousand square meters where offices, warehouses and showrooms are located. The presentation event was held on March 29th in streaming on Zoom. The avant-garde architectural project has totally regenerated and brought to new life the former Federici pasta factory. The final result is an ultra-modern building that translates Talenti’s mission into architecture through the use of materials especially dear to the company, such as wood, metal and marble. ? “The new Talenti Headquarters $<a href="新聞/the-new-talenti-headquarters-in-the-heart-of-umbria_81914" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 31 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/pedrali-contract-products-for-the-leon-s-place-hotel-in-rome_81912 Pedrali Contract Products for the Leon’s Place Hotel in Rome Classic environments and modern influences: the restoration of the historic Palazzo Fabi Altini<br /><br />31/03/2021 -?Pedrali contract products?furnish Leon’s Place Hotel, a boutique hotel located in the heartbeat of Rome arose following the restoration of the historic Palazzo Fabi Altini. The result is an architecture featuring a strong aesthetic impact, being the perfect fusion of classic environments and modern influences. The rooms are refined but casual, rich in colour but plain, recurring to the harmony of pastel tones instead. ? Among these is a hand painted garden equipped with Pedrali contract products. A visionary place, perfect for sipping a drink on hot Summer days or having a coffee break, literally, over the clouds. ? Here is Tribeca collection, designed by CMP Design, $<a href="新聞/pedrali-contract-products-for-the-leon-s-place-hotel-in-rome_81912" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 31 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 戶外 燈光 家具 項目 辦公新聞/sieger-by-ichendorf-two-partners-one-new-brand_81917 SIEGER by Ichendorf - Two Partners, One New Brand Mouth-blown glass with a twist<br /><br />31/03/2021 - With the mouth-blown glassware series STAND UP, the two market experts SIEGER and ICHENDORF MILANO present their first joint collection as well as the new brand SIEGER by Ichendorf. ? The new crystal glassware brand SIEGER by Ichendorf combines the extraordinary designs of SIEGER with Ichendorf Milano’s many years of expertise in the area of manufacturing. Down the years, both partners’ collections have made it into living and dining rooms and prestigious hotels and restaurants all around the world. ? STAND UP – Mouth-Blown Glas With A Twist STAND UP, the new crystal glass collection from SIEGER and Ichendorf, gets things moving on the dinner table. Inspired by the $<a href="新聞/sieger-by-ichendorf-two-partners-one-new-brand_81917" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 31 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Hannah Freund)新聞/the-broken-series-by-snarkitecture_81910 The Broken Series by Snarkitecture Radical and revolutionary, the collection designed for Gufram is enriched with the new Broken Square Mirror and the new Broken Bench<br /><br />31/03/2021 - Gufram continues its partnership with the famous New York practice Snarkitecture: starting from Broken Mirror, the first ever mirror produced by Gufram, the Broken Series is enriched with the new Broken Square Mirror and the new Broken Bench. The new collection will be presented in collaboration with Gallery All, Gufram’s partner in China, with an extensive digital launch. ? The focus of the Broken Series is development of a contemporary radical idea working on the versatility of polyurethane, the material made famous by Gufram through its various out-of-the-box projects. Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham, the masterminds behind Snarkitecture, played ironically with the idea $<a href="新聞/the-broken-series-by-snarkitecture_81910" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 31 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 項目 家具 飾品新聞/spring-colors-ondarreta-in-linen-and-clay_81896 Spring Colors: Ondarreta in Linen and Clay Furniture dress up in new nuances that gives back the warmth of home and the warmth of hope<br /><br />31/03/2021 - Spring Colors: Linen and Clay join the Ondarreta family this season. Two colors that connect the Basque brand with its cultural origins and its earthly roots giving back the warmth of home –and the warmth of hope.? ? This spring its furniture’s organic, clean shapes dress in linen and clay to nourish the spaces that reassure us and rejuvenate our moods. ? Latent ideas come to life when we indulge in playing around exploring different combinations. A spark of light,a crack with a sprout, continuity interrupted, an element of surprise. Creating while having fun, that’s what it’s all about.?? ? Ondarreta's classic color palette is enriched, this season, by two new $<a href="新聞/spring-colors-ondarreta-in-linen-and-clay_81896" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 31 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/neocon-presents-designing-well_81895 NeoCon Presents 'Designing Well' April 21st and 22nd six virtual Programs Exploring Design’s Role in the Wellbeing of Mind, Body, Community and Planet<br /><br />30/03/2021 - On 21 and 22 April NeoCon?presents “Designing Well”, six new programs focusing on design’s role in the wellbeing of mind, body, community and planet.? The two-day event is the latest installment in an ongoing virtual series aimed at connecting the NeoCon community, providing valuable learning opportunities, and sparking important conversations leading up to the live 2021 show, October 4-6 at theMART in Chicago.? This sessions follow last month's dynamic series of discussions around "Designing the Next Workplace," which delivered an engaging and thoughtful examination around the future of the office and of work itself. Lisa Simonian, Vice President of Marketing, theMART, $<a href="新聞/neocon-presents-designing-well_81895" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 31 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/dina-family-grows-the-new-cork-bar-stool-by-dam_81891 DINA Family Grows: The New Cork Bar Stool by DAM The collection inspired by the landscapes of Douro Valley in Portugal<br /><br />30/03/2021 - From chair to bar stool: DAM presents a new element in DINA family, their new cork bar stool. DINA family honours the hard work of those who have tamed the land of the oldest wine region in the world – the Douro Valley, in Portugal.? Its wooden frame is inspired by the delicate outlines of the vineyard slopes. Its distinctive feature is the cork seat which refers to the soil, the grapes and the wine.?The chair is suitable for dining tables. The cork bar stool suits workplaces and bars. The lower backrest makes it perfect for relaxed lounging.? ? Intended to be sustainable and long-lasting, DINA uses traditional techniques combined with precise technology and tools for the $<a href="新聞/dina-family-grows-the-new-cork-bar-stool-by-dam_81891" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 30 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 家具 項目新聞/workspaces-actiu-launches-the-new-agile-collection_81874 Workspaces: Actiu Launches the New Agile Collection Flexible and mobile elements that, in a few minutes, allow spaces to adapt themselves to organize every need at work<br /><br />30/03/2021 - A new era for workspaces: Actiu launches Agile Collection, a collection of solutions that allow workspaces to adapt to Agile methodologies, wich includes grandstands, auxiliar tables, acoustic panels and mobile panels for screens, blackboards and other accessories.? The new reality poses global challenges that are forcing companies to transform their own workspaces to achieve a work system that is more agile and flexible. It requires a new work mindset, without constraints or predetermined formulas, which focuses on what really matters: ideas, projects and people. To equip these spaces, Actiu launches the new Agile Collection, a group of solutions that allow workspaces to adapt $<a href="新聞/workspaces-actiu-launches-the-new-agile-collection_81874" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 30 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/coloured-ceramic-tiles_81679 Coloured Ceramic Tiles Terra.Art, the new collection of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles by Marca Corona<br /><br />18/03/2021 - Terra.Art porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles use colour to revisit?the decorative Marca Corona Terra cementine tile collection. The restyling project confirms the versatility and expressiveness of the small sizes - the classic 20x20 and the hexagonal 25x21.6 - and the geometric-floral graphics, enriching the collection with a vintage-chic palette. ? Colour makes anything original and creative. With this in mind, Marca Corona decided to create Terra.Art, a collection that looks to contemporary colour trends to give residential and commercial interiors a retro allure. ? Original and versatile, Terra.Art can give any room the right atmosphere, enhancing its personality $<a href="新聞/coloured-ceramic-tiles_81679" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 30 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 飾面新聞/lapalma-for-architects-a-new-space-focused-on-design_81890 Lapalma for Architects: a New Space Focused on Design The Veneto-based company inaugurates a new address on the occasion of Milano Design Week<br /><br />30/03/2021 - On the occasion of Milano Design?Week (12-23 April 2021), Lapalma inaugurates a new space dedicated to design?in Via Gorani, Milan.?The outcome is an environment designed by the brand's Artistic Director Francesco Rota, where the design opportunities offered by Lapalma systems and furniture can be explored and materials can be touched, providing inspiration with various combinations and possible versions of finishes. Lapalma for Architects?is situated next to RIVIERA, a destination for the design community and the first location in Milan for the Veneto-based company, opened in June 2019.? “With RIVIERA we have embraced an innovative concept of a space that is connected and open $<a href="新聞/lapalma-for-architects-a-new-space-focused-on-design_81890" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 30 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani)新聞/mara-s-simple-chairs-for-the-new-golden-goose-headquarters-in-milan_81889 Mara's Simple Chairs for the New Golden Goose Headquarters in Milan Seventies chairs and industrial spaces: the project by ML Architettura<br /><br />30/03/2021 - On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, Golden Goose opens its new headquarters in Milan and chooses Mara's Simple Chairs to furnish the building dedicated to the showroom building. The architectural project, internally designed by Golden Goose and in collaboration with ML Architettura, is located in the area that will house the Olympic Village for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan-Cortina. ? The new headquarters, result of the transformation of two industrial warehouses, is a reminder of the first historical headquarters in Marghera, located in an old foundry. Two parallelepipeds clad in black metal sheet that intersect each other. This is how the new Mil-anese headquarters $<a href="新聞/mara-s-simple-chairs-for-the-new-golden-goose-headquarters-in-milan_81889" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 30 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 家具新聞/nesite-presents-floora-the-raised-floor-that-brings-greenery-into-indoor-spaces_81884 Nesite presents Floora, the raised floor that brings greenery into indoor spaces A flexible, modular and customisable system of indoor greenery<br /><br />30/03/2021 - Nesite presents Floora,?a flexible, modular and customisable system of indoor greenery, easily adaptable to any context in which raised flooring is present. It is now universally recognised that the presence of greenery in enclosed spaces has a positive influence on the psychophysical well-being of the people who live there. From reducing stress levels to improving concentration, but also regulating the quantity of humidity in the air, its cleanliness and climate quality: man's symbiotic relationship with flora is in the spotlight today and is one of the future scenarios of design. The starting point is the raised floor, also pre-existing, with respect to which it is possible $<a href="新聞/nesite-presents-floora-the-raised-floor-that-brings-greenery-into-indoor-spaces_81884" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 30 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 飾面新聞/zazzeri-reinterprets-classic-lines_81872 Zazzeri Reinterprets Classic Lines Soft forms with daring finishes: the Serie 900 collection<br /><br />30/03/2021 -?Zazzeri Serie 900 is the bathroom taps collection that pays homage to classic lines. Designed by Arch. Roberto Innocenti, the 900 Series reinterprets the most retro souls by wearing new finishes, from the timeless brass to the bold Rose Gold and Black Nikel. On the strength of a personality dictated by a moderate design, and important at the same time, Serie 900 amazes once again for its versatility in integrating in classic locations as well as in those with a contemporary design. Serie 900, fully made of brass, is actually complete and rich of different items, from the mixer for the washbasin and bidet to the one for the bathtub, from several models of showers to the single-control $<a href="新聞/zazzeri-reinterprets-classic-lines_81872" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 30 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 衛浴新聞/aquapanel-technology-for-tai-kwun-centre-by-herzog-de-meuron_81858 AQUAPANEL? Technology for Tai Kwun Centre by Herzog & de Meuron The Centre for Heritage and Arts in thr heart of Hong Kong<br /><br />29/03/2021 - Herzog &amp; de Meuron choose the AQUAPANEL? Technology for the Tai Kwun in Hong Kong, the Centre for Heritage and Arts situated in the walled compound of heritage buildings at the commercial centre of? the island. ? In the middle of Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, you will find a walled complex of listed buildings. The main police station, the magistrate's office and the prison, which were built in 1841 after the British colonial period and have been closed since 2006, represent some of the city's most important historical monuments. ? By blending this heritage with contemporary architecture, these buildings were to be transformed into $<a href="新聞/aquapanel-technology-for-tai-kwun-centre-by-herzog-de-meuron_81858" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 29 Mar 2021 07:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/the-new-bathroom-collection-designed-by-patrick-norguet-for-rak-ceramics_81864 The New Bathroom Collection Designed by Patrick Norguet for RAK Ceramics Washbasins, toilets, bidets and bathtubs with a fluid and functional design<br /><br />29/03/2021 - RAK-Valet, the new bathroom collection designed by Patrick Norguet for RAK Ceramics, is made up of washbasins, toilets, bidets and bathtubs with a fluid and functional design. RAK-Valet expresses the creative genius of Norguet together with the undivided attention devoted by RAK Ceramics to production quality and project completeness. A special project, attesting a new concept of living and a new way to use domestic space, which becomes free of constraints, permeable, osmotic, innovative. Whether it be contemporary or traditional. ? Monolithic and fluid solids, whose shapes unexpectedly taper off creating thin and soft edges. A cluster of visions, drawings, exclusive shapes $<a href="新聞/the-new-bathroom-collection-designed-by-patrick-norguet-for-rak-ceramics_81864" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 29 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri)新聞/the-new-de-castelli-copper-furnishings_81841 The new De Castelli Copper Furnishings Four pairs of designers explore the properties of copper with a collection of furniture, tables and accessories<br /><br />29/03/2021 - De Castelli presents the new copper furnishings of the 'Rame at Home' project. The home because, in just a short space of time, we’ve found ourselves having to deal with new ways of living and interacting with the outside world, and we’ve had to rapidly adapt both the way we behave and our needs.? The home because we all wish to furnish the places we live in and share with our loved ones with products which are both beautiful and useful as well as safe and healthy.? ? Identifying these themes, De Castelli has teamed up with 4 pairs of designers – Lanzavecchia + Wai, Martinelli Venezia Studio, Zanellato/Bortotto and Adriano design – who have devised a new form of artistic expression $<a href="新聞/the-new-de-castelli-copper-furnishings_81841" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 29 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 項目 家具新聞/the-new-freestanding-bathtub-by-novellini_80276 The New Freestanding Bathtub by Novellini Designed by Simone Micheli, Infinitive is created from Novotech with soft, sinuous lines<br /><br />29/03/2021 -?Designed by Simone Micheli for Novellini, Infinitive is a Freestanding bathtub with soft, sinuous lines conceived as a commitment to well-being in all its forms. Infinitive is created from Novotech, a naturally white material – reminiscent of polished white marble in appearance – that is impact resistant and extremely ductile, so much so that it can adapt to any shape. A seamless synthesis of aesthetic and functional excellence, Novotech combines lightness, strength and compactness to highlight the homogeneous design of Infinitive, for a simple, minimalist result in perfect Novellini style. The Infinitive bathtub is equipped with a NaturalAir system, capable of creating a gentle, $<a href="新聞/the-new-freestanding-bathtub-by-novellini_80276" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 29 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 衛浴 健康新聞/the-new-smart-fully-automatic-coffee-machine-by-la-cimbali_81860 The New Smart Fully Automatic coffee machine by La Cimbali High-tech and intuitive, the new S15 includes a touchscreen display and the Cup4You App<br /><br />29/03/2021 - Cimbali Group?announces the market release of a new groundbreaking coffee machine, the new smart fully automatic S15.?This new addition to the fully automatic machines has the ability to ensure up to 150 high-quality cups per day. With its increasingly creative and customizable menu of beverages, the new S15 is the perfect addition to any kind of environments or other medium-low daily performance locations. Hotel, smart office spaces, bakeries, convenience stores, lounges. Consumers, by using the 7” touchscreen display, have the ability to recreate every traditional Italian coffee beverage while also experimenting new recipes that can include fresh frothed milk and soluble chocolate. $<a href="新聞/the-new-smart-fully-automatic-coffee-machine-by-la-cimbali_81860" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Sat, 27 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani)新聞/alpi-for-the-jusbox-perfumes-first-single-brand-store-in-milan_81836 ALPI for the Jusbox Perfumes First Single-Brand Store in Milan Sottsass Red and Xilo 2.0 Striped Black woods dress all the furnishings in the store<br /><br />26/03/2021 - ALPI wood veneers are the protagonists of?Jusbox Perfumes?first single-brand store, the Italian niche brand of fragrances created in collaboration with some of the most highly acclaimed master perfumers in the world. The space recently opened on Via della Spiga in Milan is by the Florence-based Studio Lievito. Jusbox Perfumes store is?full of impressions, where forms, materials and finishes create absolute engagement with the senses, to surprise visitors. ? The surfaces of all the furnishings in the?Jusbox Perfumes store, based on an arrangement of cubical pieces, interconnected and designed for the occasion by Studio Lievito, play with the contrast between inside and outside, $<a href="新聞/alpi-for-the-jusbox-perfumes-first-single-brand-store-in-milan_81836" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 26 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 飾面新聞/the-rock-table-in-white-and-anthracite-concrete-by-mdf-italia_81821 The Rock Table in White and Anthracite Concrete by MDF Italia New colors for the iconic table designed by Jean Marie Massaud<br /><br />26/03/2021 -?Rock Table, MDF Italia's best seller, is the white and anthracite concrete table designed by Jean Marie Massaud in 2014 able to transform the environment thanks to its unmistakable silhouette. In a harmonious composition of volumes, the table top appears light and thin, and seems to float above the solid cement base. This year the table is renewed with new colors. ? Its unique style, based on the simplification of forms, is combined with innovative production systems. The special feature of the table is the UHPFRC (ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced cement) concrete base with high technical properties. The finish and colours of the table bases are the result of a $<a href="新聞/the-rock-table-in-white-and-anthracite-concrete-by-mdf-italia_81821" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 26 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Antonella Fraccalvieri) 戶外 家具新聞/comfort-and-well-being-in-the-office-with-basic-cap-home_81049 Comfort and Well-Being in the Office with Basic Cap Home From sideboard to desk - The home-office solution by werner works<br /><br />26.03.2021 - Working from home, or remote working, is becoming a common form of work, and as a result, it will be a central component of offices in the future. The changing requirements of work mean that our living spaces are also changing: workstations to facilitate smart working are being set up in living rooms, halls or even in bedrooms. This often creates a demand for environments to be flexible because there is not always a separate workroom available. ? basic cap Home by German office furniture manufacturer werner works combines storage space and workplace in a single piece of furniture. The minimalist design of the basic cap storage range in combination with the pull-out top panel $<a href="新聞/comfort-and-well-being-in-the-office-with-basic-cap-home_81049" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 26 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Hannah Freund) 家具新聞/brokis-introduces-new-ivy-table-battery-light_81838 Brokis Introduces New Ivy Table Battery Light The latest addition to the light collection designed by Lucie Koldova<br /><br />26/03/2021 - Brokis presents new Ivy Table battery light designed by Lucie Koldova, the latest addition to the already substantial Ivy family, which is inspired by nature and its life-giving beauty.? ? The Czech lighting brand is now introducing entirely new battery-powered lights that open the door to a series of new possibilities in indoor and outdoor illumination. ? Battery light is particularly well suited to creating the right mood in restaurants, hotel lobby bars, and other hospitality settings: Brokis is currently launching two battery-powered lights, one based on highly popular and charismatic collections by our art director, Lucie Koldova.? ? Ivy Table Battery light $<a href="新聞/brokis-introduces-new-ivy-table-battery-light_81838" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 26 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/vondom-wood-furniture-collection_81837 Vondom Wood Furniture Collection New finishes for the Faz chair and tables by Ramón Esteve<br /><br />26/03/2021 - Vondom presents its first collection of polypropylene and wood furniture. With a warmer design, the Faz collection designed by Ramón Esteve dresses in a new one wood finishes to the legs of chair and table. Faz wood furniture collection: a reinterpretation that reinforces the inspiration of the collection based on minerals and their role in nature. The result is a wood furniture collection, pieces imbued with a spirit of casual luxury, without departing from the ergonomic and elegant architectural forms of the rest of the collection.? ? The combination of wood reinforces the avant-garde and innovative character of the collection. Polypropylene and wood furniture pieces that $<a href="新聞/vondom-wood-furniture-collection_81837" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 26 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio) 戶外 家具 項目新聞/alias-reissues-the-table-designed-by-alfredo-haberli_81810 Alias Reissues the Table designed by Alfredo H?berli Wood, metal and graphic signs: the project reinterprets the classical themes of Scandinavian design<br /><br />25/03/2021 - Assembling wood and metal in a balanced way, Alfredo H?berli reissues?Ago,?the?table designed for Alias with a marked graphic identity, that embodies a contemporary interpretation of the classical themes of Scandinavian design. Soft and cozy shapes design the new table top, while the technical structure, hidden underneath it, defines the architecture of the project, giving it flexibility. ? “The idea with Ago is to compose a minimal steel frame on which to secure and rest the top and legs”, explains the Swiss / Argentine designer Alfredo H?berli. “A bearing structure is like a spinal column, it lets you create a very stable and visibly light composition”. ? Designed in $<a href="新聞/alias-reissues-the-table-designed-by-alfredo-haberli_81810" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 25 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 家具新聞/devon-devon-wallpaper-collection-for-velluto-botanique-eclectique_81801 Devon&Devon Wallpaper Collection for Velluto Botanique Eclectique A combination of stylised plants and flowers and unexpected textures adorns the new concept store walls<br /><br />25/03/2021 - Devon&amp;Devon Wallpaper Collection adorns Velluto Botanique Eclectique, a new concept store and cocktail bar located in the heart of Bologna. It was designed by architecture and interior design studio Atelier Avanzi as a journey through time and space. Jungle inspirations, urban moods and echoes of colonial style blend together and with exquisitely classic elements, such as vaulted ceilings with stucco decorations, and marble and wooden floors. Furnishings in natural materials and multicolored fabrics are added. Eclectic and daring, the wallpapers from the Devon&Devon Wallpaper Collection designed by Vito Nesta stylize plant and floral elements on the walls and offer them $<a href="新聞/devon-devon-wallpaper-collection-for-velluto-botanique-eclectique_81801" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 25 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 飾面新聞/sorting-out-and-creating-order-marie-kondo-style_80980 Sorting out and Creating Order Marie Kondo Style The flexible furniture systems from Kettnaker make it possible<br /><br />25/03/2021 - Sorting out and organising one's own things is generally considered liberating. For people with little storage space in their home, a tidying system is even essential. Marie Kondo, renowned tidying coach and best-selling author, advises only keeping things that give you real pleasure. Not so easy, when during 'magic cleaning' every item has to be examined in the hand: Does this item of clothing really make me happy? And if so, how can I store it in a space-saving way? Kettnaker can help. ? The trick: create storage space and keep an overview According to expert Marie Kondo, every item has its fixed place in the household to which it should always be returned. Well thought-out $<a href="新聞/sorting-out-and-creating-order-marie-kondo-style_80980" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 25 Mar 2021 01:00:00 GMT新聞/biophilia-and-porcelain-the-collaboration-of-lladro-with-artist-paloma-teppa_81815 Biophilia and Porcelain: The Collaboration of Lladró with Artist Paloma Teppa A capsule collection of planters which combine the beauty of botanical art with the nobility of porcelain<br /><br />25/03/2021 - Lladró unveils four new pieces designed with artist Paloma Teppa, the founder and creative director of the American botanical art gallery and biophilic design studio Plant the Future.?A capsule collection of animal planters which combine the beauty of botanical art with the nobility of porcelain. ? 'Biophilia is an innate love for the natural world that impels us to connect with all living things in order to feel joy and peace and is deeply rooted in our biology”, explains Paloma Teppa, founder of Plant the Future. “Our collaboration with Lladró fuses the unique artistry of handmade porcelain with botanical art in contemporary style pieces that come alive with the greenery $<a href="新聞/biophilia-and-porcelain-the-collaboration-of-lladro-with-artist-paloma-teppa_81815" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 25 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT (Angelo Dell'Olio)新聞/a-huge-source-of-light-big-brother-by-alma-light_81814 A Huge Source of Light: Big Brother by Alma Light From contract to home: the floor lamp designed by Oriol Llahona<br /><br />25/03/2021 - Imposing and statuary: it is Big Brother, the large format floor lamp, designed by Oriol Llahona for Alma Light, with body and shade made of fabric. It is a huge source of light that illuminates throughout all its length, from head to toe.?? "What we like about Big Brother, is the idea of a big person, a giant companion, a bright bodyguard. As if placing it in a space, we were endowing it with a pleasant protective, an almost human presence. We think it is ideal as a complement to a sofa or reading armchair in homes or hotels, or as a welcome lamp in a restaurant," say from Alma Light. ? Big Brother measures 180 cm in height and the shade has a diameter of 70 cm. It has a solid $<a href="新聞/a-huge-source-of-light-big-brother-by-alma-light_81814" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 25 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT 燈光新聞/fabio-fantolino-and-front-studio-for-gtv_81788 Fabio Fantolino and Front Studio for GTV Two novelties reinterpret tradition: the S?ULE table and the new version of the Coat Rack Bench<br /><br />24/03/2021 - In 2021, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (GTV) will be enriching its collection with important innovations and new partnerships. 2021's big news is the collaboration with the architect-designer Fabio Fantolino, who?designed the new?S?ULE?dining table.?Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH also expands the project by the Swedish duo?Front, proposing an?upholstered version?of the?Coat Rack Bench. ? S?ULE table by Fabio Fantolino The harmonious encounter with the stylistic elements of the past defines S?ULE?dining table: a refined expression of the genetic code of GTV and its deep vocation for design research.?S?ULE, a large rectangular table, is characterised by a Canaletto walnut structure $<a href="新聞/fabio-fantolino-and-front-studio-for-gtv_81788" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 24 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 家具 飾品新聞/iconic-and-super-normal-deja-vu-by-naoto-fukasawa_81787 Iconic and Super Normal. Déjà-Vu by Naoto Fukasawa The aluminium collection of seats, tables and mirrors designed for Magis<br /><br />24/03/2021 - Sometimes normality can be the fruit of a lengthy process of study and refining. This is what happened in the case of Déjà-vu, a collection of seats, tables and mirrors produced in aluminium and designed by?Naoto Fukasawa together with Magis.?Déjà-vu collection has a minimalist look which fits perfectly into the Super Normal category created by Fukasawa himself with Jasper Morrison. ? Déjà-vu forms give a reassuring sense of familiarity, inspired as they are by the classic wooden stool, but actually produced using a D-shaped extruded aluminium profile.?Ready to meet the endless different requirements of the living, office and contract worlds, Déjà-vu does not demand a constant $<a href="新聞/iconic-and-super-normal-deja-vu-by-naoto-fukasawa_81787" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 24 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT新聞/quilt-by-mosaico-stoneware-patchwork_75964 Quilt by Mosaico+: Stoneware Patchwork The new collection designer by Marialaura Rossiello for Studio Irvine<br /><br />24/03/2021?- Tradition, patchwork, stitching, freedom of composition, déjà-vu: Mosaico+ presents Quilt, the new tile collection designer by Marialaura Rossiello for Studio Irvine. ? Patchwork belongs to an age-old hand-crafted tradition, in which the combined pieces always create a unique geometrical pattern. “Looking through an old English book on patchwork – said the designer Marialaura Rossiello - I discovered the art of quilting, in which patchwork pieces are combined by stitching which is decorative in its own right. I applied this concept for Mosaico+'. ? The result is a stoneware mosaic in which the modules can be installed uniformly, for a geometrical effect, or at random, $<a href="新聞/quilt-by-mosaico-stoneware-patchwork_75964" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 24 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 飾面新聞/beau-bien-light-creation-in-the-heart-of-la-defense_81790 Beau & Bien Light Creation in the Heart of La Défense Rainy Day collection spotted in the Parisian financial district<br /><br />24/03/2021 - The Rainy Day collection by Beau &amp; Bien has been spotted in the heart of La Défense, the Parisian financial district. ? So, the Rainy Day light tubes reach new heights: the light installation was recently completed in the?'Coeur Défense' high-rise building (IGH),? unusual spaces for the Beau & Bien creation.? ? All Beau&Bien creations are entirely made in France in craftsmen workshops to guarantee perfect finishes and to preserve the French know-how of materials such as Limoges porcelain, mouth-blown glass and bronze of art.? ? Beau&Bien collections can be entirely bespoke made and can adapt to all places. Beau & Bien on $<a href="新聞/beau-bien-light-creation-in-the-heart-of-la-defense_81790" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 24 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/munch-collection-by-vestre-wins-doga-award-2021_81789 Munch Collection by Vestre Wins Doga Award 2021 Two benches and a stool designed by Andreas Engesvik and Jonas Stokke<br /><br />24/03/2021 - Vestre has recently received the prestigious DOGA award for the Munch collection. Designed by Andreas Engesvik and Jonas Stokke, Munch consists of two benches and a stool.? The?benches and a stool?Munch collection?by Vestre is made up of three main elements: a steel frame, steel mesh and wool textile cushions. All three elements have qualities that come together to complete the function and design of the furniture. The weight of the steel frame adds stability; the steel mesh attached to the frame molds itself to the body for maximum ergonomics, while adding an open impression; and the cushions add a warm, tactile look and feel. All the metal parts are welded together, then $<a href="新聞/munch-collection-by-vestre-wins-doga-award-2021_81789" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 24 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT 建材 戶外 家具 項目新聞/the-new-2021-graphics-by-wallpepper-group_81760 The New 2021 Graphics by WallPepper?/Group Architectures and natural landscapes, abstract creations and minimal geometries<br /><br />23/03/2021 - With the new wallpapers of 2021 collection, WallPepper?/Group proposes imaginaries that transport living spaces into an unprecedented dimension. ? The images on the wall furnish and enhance any residential, contract, HO.RE.CA and naval environment, indoor and outdoor. Each graphic, depending on the context of use, can be declined in one of the WallPepper?/Group Materials or Systems, solutions that allow you to transform the wallpaper into a real high-performance decorative support. The walls can thus combine the expressive and emotional strength of the image with real functionality. ? WallPepper?/Group wallpapers are made to measure, only with natural, eco-friendly, PVC-free $<a href="新聞/the-new-2021-graphics-by-wallpepper-group_81760" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT新聞/unleash-your-imagination-with-roche-bobois_80954 Unleash your Imagination with Roche Bobois Corail, the new table made from 3D-printed concrete and fully customizable online<br /><br />23/03/2021 - With Corail, Roche Bobois has achieved a world first in furniture - an innovation that is set to change the relationship both between consumers and design, and between the industry and its distribution. The table’s base is made from 3D-printed concrete and fully customisable. 'This spring, a major innovation is the Corail table,' says Nicolas Roche, collections director. 'A concrete table with a 3D-printed base: this special technology allows us to offer customers multiple variations that they can play around with online. The ability to interact in this way establishes a new relationship with proactive consumers who can literally shape a unique object to fit their particular $<a href="新聞/unleash-your-imagination-with-roche-bobois_80954" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 家具新聞/a-studio-milo-metaphysical-project-for-jcp-universe_81764 A Studio MILO Metaphysical Project for JCP Universe Insubstantial scenes and totemic elements. Projections photoshoot in collaboration with photographer Beppe Brancato<br /><br />23/03/2021 - “Ceci n’est pas un meuble”. The most prestigious surrealist artist would have commented when admiring the JCP Universe photoshoot, curated by Studio MILO in collaboration with photographer Beppe Brancato. Entitled Projections, the project frames the deep soul of the most unconventional brand of Jumbo Group in a series of metaphysical shots. ? Inspired by the theater universe, Studio MILO creates for JCP Universe a scenography made up of “projections”, a term meant in the literal sense, but also metaphorically. So, insubstantial scenes, made up of projections of environments inspired by the primary elements, are colored in unconventional tones to embrace the furnishings - $<a href="新聞/a-studio-milo-metaphysical-project-for-jcp-universe_81764" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 23 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMT新聞/acoustic-protection-sustainable-customisable-and-quick-to-install_81766 Acoustic Protection: Sustainable, Customisable and Quick to Install ECHOJAZZ presents the EchoBox? BY SYMA<br /><br />23/03/2021 - Modern office spaces are open and collaborative. For employees to feel comfortable, the acoustics must be pleasant even more because noise is a major source of dissatisfaction. Retreats for telephone calls or video conferences serve this purpose. The EchoBox? BY SYMA creates this connection, a silent booth protected by high-performance acoustic absorbers made of recycled PET, made for focused conversations while standing or sitting. And because modern offices are flexible, the EchoBox? can be set up and dismantled in just a few steps and without tools. A soundproofed room within a room by ECHOJAZZ. ACOUSTIC PROTECTION WITH QUICK INSTALLATION The high-performance EchoBoard? $<a href="新聞/acoustic-protection-sustainable-customisable-and-quick-to-install_81766" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 23 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/pergola-stretch-by-markilux-maxi-size-for-covering-patios-and-terraces_81763 Pergola Stretch by Markilux: Maxi Size for Covering Patios and Terraces New perspectives to experience the outdoor<br /><br />23/03/2021 -?Markilux expands the pergola series by the addition of the new "stretch version": a pergola equipped with the toothed belt-driven operating system that makes it possible to offer even larger sizes, in combination with waterproof (for purpose) covers, offereing also protection against rain. ? Patios in private gardens have been turned into "Lounge" areas which can be used all year round. In this context, large awning systems offer suitable protection against both sun and rain. But in the hospitality sector, too, they are finding a lot of favour. This is because these systems create an area in the open air where guests can sit comfortably at almost any time of the day or year. It $<a href="新聞/pergola-stretch-by-markilux-maxi-size-for-covering-patios-and-terraces_81763" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 23 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT 戶外新聞/lissoni-sofa-now-in-new-versions_81758 Lissoni Sofa Now in New Versions The sofa collection designed by Piero Lissoni for Fritz Hansen continues to grow <br /><br />23/03/2021 - Piero Lissoni’s design principle is never to design for a specific function or purpose — but to design for human beings. Which is evident in his Lissoni sofa? for?Fritz Hansen, a sofa that adds a healthy dose of both comfort and luxury to everyday life,?now developed in two new compact versions, further expanding interior possibilities for any and every space. ? Designed by Piero Lissoni with Fritz Hansen in 2006, the ambition of Lissoni sofa? was to create a comfortable couch that would be beautiful from all angles and placements within a room.? And now the successful Lissoni line is even more versatile: characterised by clean lines and flawless attention to detail, this sofa $<a href="新聞/lissoni-sofa-now-in-new-versions_81758" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Tue, 23 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/allaperto-by-ethimo-the-new-rattan-and-rope-look_77627 Allaperto by Ethimo. The New Rattan and Rope Look New versions for the collection designed by Matteo Thun e Antonio Rodriguez<br /><br />22/03/2021 - The lounge collection?Allaperto, developed by?Ethimo?in close collaboration with Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, has by now become a classic, not least for the different ‘outfits’ with which it transforms its environments. In the same vein, it continues to evolve with two new moods,?Veranda and Nautic, pairing teak wood with either natural rattan or rope. ? Allaperto Veranda dresses the lounge armchair in rattan, offering an example of the increasingly ecologically sustainable approach that focuses on the choice of materials with a rather vintage feel. The natural rattan weave is a perfect match for the transitional spaces between indoors and outdoors, such as porticos or $<a href="新聞/allaperto-by-ethimo-the-new-rattan-and-rope-look_77627" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 22 Mar 2021 07:00:00 GMT 戶外 家具 項目新聞/the-new-concrete-effect-porcelain-stoneware-by-casalgrande-padana_81735 The New Concrete-Effect Porcelain Stoneware by Casalgrande Padana Metropolis: neutral colors for spaces with an industrial flavor<br /><br />22/03/2021 - With the new Metropolis collection, Casalgrande Padana offers a new, modern slant on the austere, essential nature of concrete, creating original surfaces with a striking visual impact. ? Squared and rectified, the concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles in the Metropolis collection come in eight shades (Almond, Graphite, Greige, Grey, Mud, Sand, Silver and White), with a natural surface and a non-slip surface for outdoors, in eight different formats (from the classic 30x60 cm and 45x90 cm, to the large 60x60 cm, 60x120 cm, 90x90 cm, 90x180 cm, 120x120 cm and 120x278 cm sizes) and in four different thicknesses (from the thin 6.5 mm to the classic 9 mm and 10 mm, as well as an $<a href="新聞/the-new-concrete-effect-porcelain-stoneware-by-casalgrande-padana_81735" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 22 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 飾面 戶外新聞/raumplus-furniture-made-in-germany-certified_81739 raumplus ?Furniture Made in Germany“ certified The manufacturer of intelligent furnishing systems receives the label for five of its product categories<br /><br />22/03/2021 - German manufacturer raumplus, specialist for intelligent room partitioning and furnishing systems, has been successfully awarded the ?Furniture Made in Germany“ certificate in five product categories. Customers are thus assured at first glance that they are purchasing a quality product made in Germany. A meaningful quality basis for the brand. ? Furniture made in Germany enjoys special trust among customers. And rightly so, because the local production level stands for quality, innovation, durability and healthy living. The ?Furniture Made in Germany“ guarantee of origin, which was introduced in 2020 and whose strict criteria were defined by the German Institute for Quality Assurance $<a href="新聞/raumplus-furniture-made-in-germany-certified_81739" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 22 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/small-shapes-back-in-vogue-magnes-by-recer_81734 Small Shapes Back in Vogue: Magnes by Recer The "brique" with warm and cold tones <br /><br />22/03/2021 - Magnes?is the timeless “brique” by Recer.? Recer recently launched the new collection, SIB: Small is Beautiful.?The small shape is back in vogue. Very versatile and highly decorative, it provides countless combinations to create unique environments. ? Magnes is part of SIB collection: in the traditional 7.5x30 format with a satin matt surface, a soft and extremely elegant finish and with the charm of craftsmanship, in a range of sophisticated tones composed of 8 colors and 7 decorations. Colors in warm and cold tones that give the ceramic tiles of the Magnes collection a versatile look. ? The “brique” effect is chosen for coverings, which can be combined with different $<a href="新聞/small-shapes-back-in-vogue-magnes-by-recer_81734" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 22 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT 飾面新聞/ideas-projects-and-people-a-new-way-of-approaching-work-according-to-actiu_81732 Ideas, Projects and People: A New Way of Approaching Work According to Actiu From the traditional office to healthy, agile and smart workspaces<br /><br />22/03/2021 -?From the traditional office to healthy, agile and smart workspaces. Actiu rethinks the workplace with a totally new approach, putting the focus on what really matters: ideas, projects and peo-ple. ? The pandemic has sped up this evolution, aimed at creating efficient, safe and healthy workplaces that respond to new needs in an increasingly digital, flexible, mobile and ubiquitous work environment. These new ways of using space require offices, and the furniture that equips them, to be able to modify their distribution and layout. “In-person work now requires offices as we know them to be re-adapted?-states?Soledat Berbegal, Consultant and Director of?Brand Reputation $<a href="新聞/ideas-projects-and-people-a-new-way-of-approaching-work-according-to-actiu_81732" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Mon, 22 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/home-office-create-a-workspace-at-home_81704 Home Office: create a Workspace at Home If work is becoming smart, the home is becoming an office. Ideas and inspiration for organising your home workstation in the living room, the bedroom or in between<br /><br />19/03/2021 - Home sweet office. Whether a professional choice or, like the past year, out of sheer necessity, working from home has become a big part of our daily lives, inevitably putting our domestic space to the test. How to create an office corner at home? Just a year ago, we began to wonder what we needed to do to set up a workspace at home. Between makeshift dining room table workstations and improvised seating, we hoped that it was only temporary. Now that the health emergency still has us at home and the home office has become a space that we can't do without, creating a place to work at home is essential. From a custom made desk to a retractable top to an open partition to a room $<a href="新聞/home-office-create-a-workspace-at-home_81704" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Sun, 21 Mar 2021 08:00:00 GMT (Ilaria Galliani) 家具 辦公 燈光 項目 飾品新聞/tommaso-caldera-s-coffee-tables-for-b-line_81598 Tommaso Caldera's Coffee Tables for B-Line A new system of modular low tables with metal legs and marble or wood top<br /><br />19/03/2021 - With the AD.DA?coffee table series, B—Line inaugurates the collaboration with the designer Tommaso Caldera. His idea of maximum modular and aesthetic composability perfectly matches B—Line’s spirit, just as does the essential concept that distinguishes his work, brimming with versatility and rationality. ? Born in 1986, graduating in Industrial Design at Milan’s Politecnico, he numbers collaborations with the Odo Fioravanti studio in Milan and, subsequently, with the Jonathan Olivares studio in New York. Since 2012 he has been working as an Independent Designer from his own studio in Pavia, with his works being shown at the “Salone del Mobile” through the sector’s leading Italian $<a href="新聞/tommaso-caldera-s-coffee-tables-for-b-line_81598" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 19 Mar 2021 08:00:00 GMT 項目 家具新聞/design-duo-kaschkasch-talks-about-their-new-table-programme-for-renz_81709 Design Duo Kaschkasch Talks About Their New Table Programme For Renz 'Slide impresses with its light appearance and high functionality' - the designers in an interview<br /><br />19/03/2021 - Technically complex and naturally elegant - the new table range from RENZ shows that these two characteristics are by no means contradictory. With Slide, the design duo Kaschkasch has created a young, dynamic collection whose tables cut a fine figure both as a workstation and as a dining table. ? 'We tried to find simple and charming solutions that do not make the furniture look too technical, but rather reminiscent of a homely environment,' the designers tell us. Slide adapts to its environments and requirements quite individually. The main protagonists of the collection, a series of different tables, are complemented by matching shelves, containers and a media element. Thus, $<a href="新聞/design-duo-kaschkasch-talks-about-their-new-table-programme-for-renz_81709" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 19 Mar 2021 07:00:00 GMT (Hannah Freund) 辦公 家具 項目新聞/here-is-isola-design-festival_81706 Here is Isola Design Festival From mid-April to the Fuorisalone in September. The new hybrid event that goes from digital to physical<br /><br />19/03/2021 -?With two virtual events under its belt, more than 250 profiles selected for its own Community and more than 450 projects available online, 2021 opens with a new initiative:?Isola Design Festival. It will be a hybrid event that will last six months,?from 12 April to 10 September 2021, and will go from digital to physical, from the new platform to the Milanese neighbourhood where the project was born, starting online and continuing physically during the?Milan Design Week 2021, from 5 to 10 September. ?The theme of the Festival will be?We Are What We Design, the same one conceived for Milan Design Week 2020, which was then cancelled, and which has been picked up again partly as $<a href="新聞/here-is-isola-design-festival_81706" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 19 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT新聞/ornamental-minimalism-avalon-chandelier-by-cto-lighting_81695 Ornamental Minimalism: Avalon Chandelier by CTO Lighting A cascades of light emanating from a precious ring of alabaster<br /><br />19/03/2021 - Ornamental Minimalism at its best: Avalon, the latest collection from CTO Lighting, is inspired by the legendary island, from where mystical stories of light and shadows have enchanted the world for centuries.? ? The Avalon collection evokes the legend with its enchanting and mesmerising lights: Avalon chandeliers reflect the mythical island showcasing cascades of light emanating from a precious ring of alabaster, encapsulated in brass or bronze creating an exquisite illumination.? The Avalon collection of striking chandeliers features a continuous ring of alabaster columns, which seemingly float, creating the mystical illusion of its namesake. Each column is illuminated, highlighting $<a href="新聞/ornamental-minimalism-avalon-chandelier-by-cto-lighting_81695" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 19 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT新聞/happy-b-day-qeeboo_81661 Happy b-day, Qeeboo! The brand founded by Stefano Giovannoni celebrates its fifth anniversary<br /><br />19/03/2021 -?Qeeboo is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a new project dedicated to its most irreverent products. The young company founded by Stefano Giovannoni presents a brand new video in which objects interact with people, giving rise to ever-changing visions. Curated by Tommaso Ottomano, the video is based on a photo shoot by Russian fashion photographer Elena Iv-skaya. A series of 20 images narrate the brand's products and its spirit between design, fashion, imagination, creativity, mystery and irony. Presented at the 2106 Salone del Mobile, the brand has created unexpected imagery over the years, transforming objects into fairytales. Under Giovannoni's careful supervision, different $<a href="新聞/happy-b-day-qeeboo_81661" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 19 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT新聞/wood-color-the-new-alpi-collection-designed-by-lissoni_81707 Wood + Color. The New Alpi Collection Designed by Lissoni French Palette wooden surfaces are inspired from French painting in the early 1700s<br /><br />19/03/2021 - In the new collection of wood surfaces developed together with Piero Lissoni, Alpi presents the results of its in-house research on the theme of color. ? The protagonist par excellence of interior design, color has always been a field of experimentation in constant evolution, which like many others ALPI has explored and interpreted across its history, demonstrating its ability, in this specific case, to forge beyond the natural identity of wood and to suggest new conceptual dimensions. ? The new “FRENCH PALETTE” collection, which will be presented in April in the ALPI showroom on Via Solferino, takes its cue from French painting in the early 1700s, where the tones were $<a href="新聞/wood-color-the-new-alpi-collection-designed-by-lissoni_81707" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 19 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMT新聞/spring-is-in-the-air-with-arp_81700 Spring is in the Air with ARP The new outdoor collection by Made Studio for Diabla<br /><br />19/03/2021 - ARP is the latest outdoor collection deisgned by Made Studio for Diabla: a vision of design as something passionately rational, as analytic as it is emotional, that should improve people’s lives and the world they inhabit. Now that Spring is upon us, it is easy to imagine any environment in an outdoor open space becoming intimate and private like a secret garden with ARP.? ? From a tubular structure in a textured thermo-lacquered aluminum - with a great expressive register, functionality and durability - and with a name inspired by the succession of vertical lines, evoking the strings of a harp, the series is made up of an armchair, two-seater sofa and two low tables in different $<a href="新聞/spring-is-in-the-air-with-arp_81700" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 19 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMT 戶外 家具 項目新聞/koket-for-a-luxurious-bedroom_81701 Koket for a Luxurious Bedroom Chandra chair between purple rugs and lavender walls with gold accents<br /><br />19/03/2021 - Design, Decor, Repair Interior Design Studio creates a luxurious oasis for relaxation: a mix and match between a vibrant purple area rug, a golden oval bench and vanity with a turquoise Chandra chair by KOKET.? ? Many say the living room is the heart of a home, however, most will agree that their bedroom is a personal retreat that is just as essential. Perhaps when you think of a dream bedroom you imagine only a plush bed, but to create a true bedroom oasis color choice is also paramount. This bedroom design by DDR’s Valeria Mikheeva is a perfect example of a relaxing yet cheerful color scheme perfect for rest, but also far from a room full of boring neutral tones. ? The focal $<a href="新聞/koket-for-a-luxurious-bedroom_81701" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Fri, 19 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT 家具 項目新聞/at-a-meeting-or-in-the-lobby-tonica-by-casala-offers-the-right-seating-option_81682 At a Meeting or in the Lobby - Tonica by Casala Offers the Right Seating Option A series of one and two-seaters, seating islands and a table element<br /><br />18.03.2021 - Casala presents the Tonica collection designed by Favaretto & Partners - upholstered ottomans with a stylish design. The series consists of a one and two-seater, seating islands and a table element. Tonica is a comfortable and functional addition to any business interiors where meeting or brainstorming is key. But also in a bar or lobby, the Tonica elements invite conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. ? A saddle as an inspiration Designer Favaretto & Partners were inspired for Tonica by the stylised and functional design of a horse riding saddle. He translated this into an ottoman series with an attractive design and sublime seating comfort. Tonica can be placed individually, $<a href="新聞/at-a-meeting-or-in-the-lobby-tonica-by-casala-offers-the-right-seating-option_81682" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 18 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT新聞/the-first-minotti-flagship-store-in-scandinavia-opens-in-stockholm_81681 The First Minotti Flagship Store in Scandinavia Opens in Stockholm Nordic rigour and black and white contrasts. The interior project<br /><br />18/03/2021 -?Minotti has opened a new flagship store in Stockholm – its first in Scandinavia – thanks to the brand’s strategic partnership with furniture retailer Upgrade Living, during Stockholm Design Week. ? A small jewel in the heart of the exclusive residential neighbourhood ?stermalm, Minotti Stockholm is located in one of the majestic 19th century buildings that line one of the city’s most central roads, the Strandv?gen, providing a charming architectural backdrop. ? The project was created by Minotti Studio, the in-house creative department at Minotti HQ, to guide visitors on a trail of discovery through the latest collections, in an engaging exhibition path that winds its way $<a href="新聞/the-first-minotti-flagship-store-in-scandinavia-opens-in-stockholm_81681" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 18 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 家具新聞/capa-informal-elegance_81669 Capa: Informal Elegance S?ren Rose for Gandiablasco<br /><br />18/03/2021 - S?ren Rose brings the essence of Scandinavian design to the Mediterranean lifestyle of Gandiablasco with CAPA, a new collection of outdoor furniture with a minimalist look that combines a functional sense, aesthetic sensitivity and sustainability. CAPA constitutes a compact and versatile series, specially designed to convert all types of exterior environments into the most intimate and welcoming experiences. ? “I have entered the universe of GANDIABLASCO with a proposal that evokes the Danish ‘hygge’ concept, a philosophy of life that encourages us to enjoy simple and relaxed plans with the people we appreciate,” explains Rose, alluding to a design that she states “has a $<a href="新聞/capa-informal-elegance_81669" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 18 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 戶外 家具 項目新聞/les-arcs-embracing-outdoor-seatings_81668 Les Arcs: Embracing Outdoor Seatings Unopiù expands the collection designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati<br /><br />18/03/2021 -?Unopiù revamps the collection LES ARCS designed in collaboration with Meneghello Paolelli Associati. Modern and at the same time romantic, inspired by the tradition of the past with a marked neoclassical touch, the collection LES ARCS broadens its range of products while rethinking its form and its materials. ? The line, launched in 2014, featured the very original design of the seating backrests’ intertwined arches made of soft fabric and cord and a refined teak structure. That collection consisted of a sofa, an armchair and a rectangular coffee table. ? In 2021, Unopiù proposes a brand-new series of furnishings with a fresh and contemporary de- sign. The strong and $<a href="新聞/les-arcs-embracing-outdoor-seatings_81668" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 18 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 戶外 家具新聞/k-array-vyper-speaker-for-the-home-theatre_81663 K-array Vyper Speaker for the Home Theatre The passive speaker system to install above and under the screen<br /><br />18/03/2021 -?The central channel has a crucial role in your home cinema experience; it is where most dialogues and voices come from! Positioning a speaker at the centre of a screen is impossible in cases when the screen isn’t acoustically transparent. For your domestic LED screen, the solution could be to install two loudspeakers dedicated to the center channel, one above and one under the screen. If the two speakers are correctly time aligned and fine tuned, it is possible to create a 'phantom sound image' located exactly at the centre of your screen.? ? When mounted horizontally, a K-array Vyper speaker is just 40mm high, making it an ideal solution for this application. The Vyper line $<a href="新聞/k-array-vyper-speaker-for-the-home-theatre_81663" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 18 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 生活方式新聞/outdoor-conviviality-abimis-in-palma-de-mallorca_81680 Outdoor conviviality: Abimis in Palma de Mallorca The stainless steel Ego kitchen for a scenic villa<br /><br />18/03/2021 - Situated on the seafront in Palma de Mallorca, the scenic villa that plays host to an outdoor version of the Ego kitchen by Abimis in its garden is a modern architecture spanning two storeys, that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape and its colours. ? The interiors, which are elegantly contemporary, are ‘framed’ by generously-sized panoramic windows that make the entire space extraordinarily fluid and bright, suggesting a harmonious idea of continuation between indoors and out. The owner, an architect and the owner of a furniture store, designed this seaside villa not just as his summer residence, but as his own private studio and showroom. In other words, it $<a href="新聞/outdoor-conviviality-abimis-in-palma-de-mallorca_81680" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 18 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMT 廚房新聞/ish-digital-2021_81686 ISH Digital 2021 The world's leading trade fair for water, heat, air conditioning will be held online this year from 22 to 26 March<br /><br />18/03/2021 - ISH, the world’s leading trade fair for water, heating and air-conditioning, will be held digitally for the first time this year. From 22 to 26 March, marketable innovations for the fields of water and energy will be presented on the ISH digital platform. In addition to a host of exciting topics and programme of events, the focus will be on the product innovations of more than 360 'exhibiting' companies.? ? The Green Deal is one of the important future-oriented topics to be discussed in the Energy section of ISH digital 2021 with exhibitors presenting a variety of heating solutions and systems that make a decisive contribution to achieving climate targets. At the same time, $<a href="新聞/ish-digital-2021_81686" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 18 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/savoir-faire-and-craftsmanship-veronese-for-la-mamounia_81667 Savoir-Faire and Craftsmanship: Veronese for La Mamounia A bespoke chandelier in Jouin Manku's project in Marrakesh<br /><br />18/03/2021 - Veronese puts into play all of its savoir-faire and ingenuity for La Mamounia project by Jouin Manku in Marrakesh: a chandelier that features a medley of decorative elements and materials, each complimenting the other. ? La Mamounia, the legendary five-star palace hotel inau gurated in Marrakesh in 1923 - and restored in 2009 -, has recently completed a major renovation designed by the Parisian firm Jouin Manku. This magical place has been transformed and different venues reimagined to deliver a contemporary concept, whilst maintaining its reassuring sensation of time slowing down and traditional taste.? ? In order to continue granting unique experiences to La Mamounia’s $<a href="新聞/savoir-faire-and-craftsmanship-veronese-for-la-mamounia_81667" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Thu, 18 Mar 2021 00:00:00 GMT新聞/colormood-by-antoniolupi-new-and-soft-colors-for-the-bathroom_81656 Colormood by antoniolupi: New and Soft Colors for the Bathroom The colored resin is now available in new colors with Soft Touch finish for sinks, tops and bathtubs collections<br /><br />17/03/2021 - The new colored resin Colormood by antoniolupi is now available in 8 matt colors, in the following color range: Iceberg, Argilla, Delfino, Ramerino, Basalto, Smoke, Mamba and Lichene. The collections of sinks and tops, as well as the antoniolupi bathtubs previously made in Flumood, are now also available in Colormood and all products can be combined and coordinated between the antoniolupi collections. ? The novelty of antoniolupi is not limited to the color, in fact the new Italian quality Soft Touch finish is applied to the Colormood material, which makes the surface soft to the touch. The Soft Touch finish applied on Colormood offers high resistance to stains as well as $<a href="新聞/colormood-by-antoniolupi-new-and-soft-colors-for-the-bathroom_81656" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 17 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 衛浴新聞/fabrics-inspired-by-greek-mythology_81655 Fabrics Inspired by Greek Mythology The new decorative and ironic collection of jacquard fabrics by Serena Confalonieri for l'Opificio<br /><br />17/03/2021 -?The new collection of furnishing fabrics designed by Serena Confalonieri for?l’Opificio is inspired by the mythological figure of Talia.? Daughter of Zeus, Talia is the muse who protects the theatrical arts and comedy: a deity full of grace, feminine and smiling.? The new collection of jacquard fabrics for furnishing by l'Opificio borrows both the name and the feminine, decorative and ironic style from the muse.? ? Talia's pattern refers to ribbons or confetti, stylized in a graphic way, on an irregular background of contrasting colors.? Her drawing, apparently free and casual, with soft lines and the alternation of moments full of rhythm and breathing pauses, refers to the $<a href="新聞/fabrics-inspired-by-greek-mythology_81655" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 17 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 飾品新聞/pure-shapes-light-colors-and-permeable-spaces_81653 Pure Shapes, Light Colors and Permeable Spaces Lapitec for a bright loft in the Attica peninsula<br /><br />17/03/2021 -?'Located in the homonymous luxury residential district, in the norther part of the historical center of Athens, 'Casa Politeia' develops on the last two levels of a three-storey building and culminates with a roof that offers a priceless and boundless view of Mount Parnete and the green Attica region.?AK Praxis designed it, and chose Lapitec to create the kitchen island. ? The design of the residential floors, curated by the AK Praxis studio, is told through pure shapes, light colors and permeable spaces invaded by natural light, which enters through full-wall windows. Each area of ??the house is articulated as in a loft according to the journey of light: fluid and airy, the $<a href="新聞/pure-shapes-light-colors-and-permeable-spaces_81653" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 17 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 廚房新聞/emeco-naoto-fukasawa_81634 Emeco + Naoto Fukasawa Za, the new stool in three heights made by hand and guaranteed for life<br /><br />17/03/2021 - Emeco?with Naoto Fukasawa?launch Za,?a stool in three heights, made by hand and guaranteed for life. The name “Za,” chosen by Naoto Fukasawa means “a place to sit” in Japanese – a name that speaks to the multi-functionality of a simple stool that can be used anywhere, indoors and outdoors; an object a person will unconsciously choose to sit on. “The Navy chair is one of the most identified icons in America. I had an image of a round stool, which could become a natural part of the Navy chair family, like a brother or sister. I embodied that thought into the design of the Za stool.”?– Naoto Fukasawa ? Za is a modest and humble stool created by a thoughtful designer whose $<a href="新聞/emeco-naoto-fukasawa_81634" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 17 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT新聞/the-delicate-luminosity-of-the-ceto-collection-by-ross-gardam_81633 The Delicate Luminosity of the Ceto Collection by Ross Gardam The ripples of the ocean surface as a source of inspiration<br /><br />17/03/2021 - Ceto is the lighting collection by Ross Gardam, sculptural luminaires that captures the variation and rippling of the surface of the ocean. Each piece reflects a unique pattern, emitting a delicate luminosity, highlighting the presence of the sea.? “For me, the ocean has such a calming effect; it’s a place heavily wrapped up in childhood nostalgia and a deep feeling of tranquillity. I wanted the Ceto light to act as a kind of mnemonic device, allowing you to return to this place.” Says Gardam. ? The Ceto collection defines a new universal language for decorative lighting. This sculptural luminaire spans chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lighting, and pendant varieties, cumulating $<a href="新聞/the-delicate-luminosity-of-the-ceto-collection-by-ross-gardam_81633" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 17 Mar 2021 06:00:00 GMT 燈光新聞/ceramiche-caesar-for-the-interior-of-pharos-business-place-in-amsterdam_81658 Ceramiche Caesar for the interior of Pharos Business Place in Amsterdam Sustainability and circular economy: the project by COARE Architectuur&Realisatie<br /><br />17/03/2021 - A new vision of work shapes the life and architecture of Pharos, an office building located in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam and developed over a total area of about 25 thousand square meters.&nbsp; ? Overlooking Schiphol International Airport and next to Hoofddorp train station, Pharos has been renovated by COARE Architectuur&Realisatie of Amsterdam, which has redeveloped the building according to the most modern standards of sustainability and circular economy. So Pharos can today boast a 19-storey skyscraper and a 6-storey structure where work and life are in perfect balance, in an healthy and stimulating architectural environment that allows the professionals who $<a href="新聞/ceramiche-caesar-for-the-interior-of-pharos-business-place-in-amsterdam_81658" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 17 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMT新聞/an-eco-sustainable-villa-inspired-by-nordic-homes_81651 An Eco-Sustainable Villa Inspired by Nordic Homes The composite wood cladding Ultrashield? by Déco defines the Residenza Q project<br /><br />17/03/2021 - The new generation composite wood Ultrashield? by Déco is the leading of Residenza Q,?a new relevant project signed by the architect Valeria Aretusi who chose it to entirely cover a contemporary villa in by Déco is the of a new relevant project Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy, located between the green of the olive trees and the blue of the Adriatic Sea. ? The project, 250 square meters between ground floor, attic and solarium, has changed a ruin into a monolithic residence with clear, rigorous and definite lines, made even more evident by the choice of Ultrashield? by Déco in the Antique finish to cover the ventilated wall facades. ? The result is a pleasant 'all wood' $<a href="新聞/an-eco-sustainable-villa-inspired-by-nordic-homes_81651" title="閱讀新聞">閱讀新聞</a> Wed, 17 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMT 戶外 澳门精选免费资料大全